Congrats, Bronwyn & Justin!

Bronwyn and Justin’s wedding day was a perfect mix of outdoor country and urban city. They held the ceremony at Bronwyn’s Aunt’s farm while the reception was held downtown at the Ottawa Police Association, this mix of country and city perfectly embodied the two of them as a couple.

Top five favourite things from this wedding:

1.) Tattoos. I have always loved a bride with some ink. I love how people’s tattoos bring a new dimension of shape and colour to photographs. I can photograph bits and pieces of their body and sometimes make a portrait just as personal as a headshot. Bronwyn and her bridesmaids had some beautiful pieces which gave a unique juxtaposition to the country dresses and floral bouquets that adorned them.

2.) Rain. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to think it okay when a wedding gets rained on. Well, this year has brought a lot of precipitation and I have learned to see the positive in it. The rain creates this glorious foggy light that makes grass look more saturated in colour, air acts as it’s own light source, and skin has a dewy glow. Beautiful.

3.) Groomsmen and Groomswomen. Justin had such a laid-back and helpful group of people on his side who were so easy for me to work with. Going to photograph them getting ready I couldn’t believe how relaxed everyone was, video games on, music playing, slowly but surely getting dressed. Photos were a breeze.

4.) The Celebrant. Bronwyn and Justin’s very good friend, Julia, had the honour of marrying the couple on their wedding day. Julia is a part-time celebrant who specializes in making every ceremony personal to the couple whom she is marrying.This ceremony was extra special for her because she has known Bronwyn for decades. Their connection was apparent during the ceremony, making it all the more special. (

5.) Jeep. Bronwyn and Justin are huge Jeep fans, owning a silver Jeep themselves. They made sure to incorporate this unique interest in a few aspects of their wedding including their wedding cake. This cake was created by the talented Mandi of Auntie Loo’s Bakery and showed a scene of a Jeep doing a burnout, spraying mud (chocolate) up the side of an elegant three-tiered wedding cake adorned by delicate purple flowers. Delicious, and unique.


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Congrats, Peter & Jenn!

Peter and Jenn have a unique story. Peter is from Ireland and Jenn is from Canada, however, they met in Australia and now live in the US. They are both lovers and workers within marine biology, a detail which appeared in various forms throughout their wedding day at the Residence Inn Marriot in Kingston, Ontario. Their guests came from near and far, making this day the first time Jenn and Peter had all of their loved ones, with all of their various accents, under one roof.

My top five favourite things from their wedding:

1). The Irish. From crisps, to whiskey, to freckles and blazing green eyes, the Irish family and friends of Peter’s who came for this wedding were so much fun, I doubled over laughing many an occasion.

2). Recreating Family Photos. Peter’s family brought over an old photo album which contains a photo of little Pete and his brother, arm in arm with big grins on their faces. Now, all grown up, they insisted we re-make this photo, and with much laughter I think we succeeded very well!

3). Acceptance of Weather. The original plan was to hold the ceremony outdoors. Mother nature had another plan (as she has had many times this year) and decided to force the ceremony indoors. Jenn, Peter and all of their guests couldn’t have been less-phased. At the end of the day what matters, and what one remembers about a wedding ceremony, is how they feel.

4). Photo Locations. Wandering the city of Kingston I found every corner to be a spot for photographs. We utilized the waterfront of course, as well as the back of buildings, the openings of parking garages,  a quick dance in front of a local busker, and a minute for a Guinness at the Tir Nan Og Irish pub. I swear, if you leave it in my hands I can find anywhere a beautiful spot to stop!

5). Peter and his siblings. Pete, his brother, and his sister live in various locations across the globe. On this wedding day they were able to reconnect as if not a day had passed. The three of them reverted to being little kids; reminiscing, teasing and laughing endlessly.

Runner Up). Pizza Bar! Late night pizza bar is everything wonderful in the world.

Here are some of my favourite pics:

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Alina & Jon are Engaged

For their first date, Jon nervously packed a picnic, picked up his date Alina, and brought her to Parc Omega for the afternoon.

This day marks the very first moments of love between the two as this location became a place of fond memories for them.
In anticipation of Jon and Alina’s upcoming summer wedding we decided to hold their engagement photos at the place where their sparks first flew. Jon felt nostalgic packing a picnic basket of sweets, champagne, and berries, as the beautiful autumn light and colours allowed me to just stand back and capture the love.

I cannot wait for the wedding!

Alina & Jon Engagement-001blog-1 Alina & Jon Engagement-003blog-2Alina & Jon Engagement-002Alina & Jon Engagement-004 Alina & Jon Engagement-005blog-3Alina & Jon Engagement-006 Alina & Jon Engagement-007 Alina & Jon Engagement-008 Alina & Jon Engagement-009 Alina & Jon Engagement-010 Alina & Jon Engagement-011

blog-6Alina & Jon Engagement-012 Alina & Jon Engagement-013 Alina & Jon Engagement-014



Congrats, Hannah & Steve!

I throughly enjoyed the long-term connection I had with Hannah and Steve’s wedding; not only was I was there for the proposal and  engagement photos, but I was also tasked with helping each of them with their pre-wedding gifts to one another, without either of them knowing! To see it all come together was a great joy.

My top five favourite things from their wedding:

1.) Wylie. Although Hannah and Steve’s hilarious little Yorkie, couldn’t attend the wedding, he was there overseeing all of the preparations. He managed to sneak into many of my shots during the set-up and while Hannah was getting ready. At one point Hannah told me that earlier she looked out the window as I walked by; there I was with camera under one arm and Wylie under the other. :) Love that little dog.

2.) During the ceremony as Hannah came down the aisle, Steve was so excited he clapped his hands and ran towards her. This caused myself and my second photographer to climb the church pews attempting to grab a shot of this moment, as it caused every person in the church to laugh and cry.

3.) Keeping it Local. Hannah and Steve placed great importance on keeping their vendors local. Hannah is from the North Grenville area and saw the relevance of using home-grown talents Michelle Vandintillaart for her bridesmaids dresses (, Dirk the Flower Man for their beautiful arrangements and bouquets (, The Mixing Bowl for hor’s devours, meal and dessert (, Joshua Brown as videographer, Cheryl the owner of Spa Jada as makeup artist (, and of course, myself, as photographer. Supporting independent businesses is something which I know we all greatly appreciated.

4.) Hannah surprised Steve (a loyal Habs fan) with a gift of non-other than a seat from the Habs stadium signed by Patrick Roy. I have never seen such an incredible reaction to a gift. Wife-of-the-year award goes to…

5.) Home. The cocktail hour and entire reception was held at the home which Hannah grew up in. She had such a vision for a backyard wedding and with the help of others was able to make it come true. Every last detail was so perfect, the abundance of thought throughout this wedding was incredible. I was lucky to see the day’s set-up begin as Hannah was getting ready, through to the final product.

Runner Up: An original, but welcome concept, Hannah and Steve had a 6 minute dance party before dinner started which was  fabulously received by all guests.

Second Runner Up: Hannah Ordered brightly-colured custom Nike running shoes for all of her bridesmaids, as well as herself and Steve. Each pair had the wearer’s nickname stitch on the tongue, along with their wedding date.

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New Addition

This summer has been high-energy, fun-filled, wedding madness! However, I have managed to visit many families, babies and mums n’ dads-to-be along the way.

I wanted to share this recent newborn family session on my blog. This little guy is the newest addition to a wonderful family, he and his older brother are so cute I could photograph them all day long.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session:

Ashton Juneau_08Ashton Juneau_19 Ashton Juneau_34 Ashton Juneau_31Ashton Juneau_16Ashton Juneau_03 Ashton Juneau_59 Ashton Juneau_49Ashton Juneau_53Ashton Juneau_23Ashton Juneau_58Ashton Juneau_05



Congrats Pete & Crystal!

These are two of my favourite people in the world and I had the pleasure of playing guest/photographer for their beautiful wedding.
This event was absolutely chalk-full of fun from surprise choreographed Bollywood dancing to some of the most hilarious wedding speeches I have ever heard.
There was also, of course,  lots of Love.

A few of my favourite photos…
Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_043 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_048 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_057 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_075 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_076 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_094 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_100 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_109 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_118 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_131 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_166 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_001 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_015 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_017 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_031 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_050

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_057

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_065 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_075  Pete & Crystal-Portraits_116 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_126 Pete & Crystal-Reception_004 Pete & Crystal-Reception_034 Pete & Crystal-Reception_042 Pete & Crystal-Reception_048 Pete & Crystal-Reception_078 Pete & Crystal-Reception_097 Pete & Crystal-Reception_105 Pete & Crystal-Reception_110 Pete & Crystal-Reception_123 Pete & Crystal-Reception_138 Pete & Crystal-Reception_139 Pete & Crystal-Reception_148 Pete & Crystal-Reception_156 Pete & Crystal-Reception_164 Pete & Crystal-Reception_173 Pete & Crystal-Reception_176 Pete & Crystal-Reception_192 Pete & Crystal-Reception_195 Pete & Crystal-Reception_199 Pete & Crystal-Reception_202 Pete & Crystal-Reception_248 Pete & Crystal-Reception_252 Pete & Crystal-Reception_254 Pete & Crystal-Reception_257 Pete & Crystal-Reception_258 Pete & Crystal-Reception_278

Waiting for Baby.

I recently finished a photo session with this fun-loving mom-to-be and wanted to share it. She is hilarious, beautiful, thoughtful, and deliriously in love with her husband, upcoming role as mother, and the changes in her body that come with carrying a child. Cravings? Ice cream. ice cream, and… more ice cream! In front of the tv, in the car, in bed – ICE CREAM. That’s it. She is a coffee lover, but has switched to decaf since becoming pregnant. Her nursery is 90% ready (with neutral stripes and bright whites) as is her husband, who said to me “I am so ready to meet him – this fall cannot come soon enough”. Here are some of my favourites from this session: Christina Maternity-001 Christina Maternity-010fb Christina Maternity-004Christina Maternity-014 Christina Maternity-016fb Christina Maternity-025 Christina Maternity-028Christina Maternity-030Christina Maternity-032fbChristina Maternity-035 Christina Maternity-043 Christina Maternity-060fb Christina Maternity-073 Christina Maternity-076Christina Maternity-080fbChristina Maternity-101 Christina Maternity-102 Christina Maternity-095fb Christina Maternity-093 Christina Maternity-040


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