Beth and Adam are Engaged

You cannot help but smile and be in a good mood when around these two – they are the sweetest, funniest, and most positive people I have ever met. In order to celebrate their engagement we went back to the place where Adam proposed  for a picnic and some playtime with their pup, then moved to the beach to watch the winter surfers and sunset. All in all, a great day in Bayfield, Ontario!

Here are some of my favourites:


Beth & Adam Are Engaged_10Beth & Adam Are Engaged_14Beth & Adam Are Engaged_02Beth & Adam Are Engaged_04Beth & Adam Are Engaged_18Beth & Adam Are Engaged_27Beth & Adam Are Engaged_32Beth & Adam Are Engaged_35Beth & Adam Are Engaged_41Beth & Adam Are Engaged_49Beth & Adam Are Engaged_55Beth & Adam Are Engaged_57Beth & Adam Are Engaged_58Beth & Adam Are Engaged_69Beth & Adam Are Engaged_63Beth & Adam Are Engaged_68Beth & Adam Are Engaged_73Beth & Adam Are Engaged_79Beth & Adam Are Engaged_87Beth & Adam Are Engaged_82Beth & Adam Are Engaged_90Beth & Adam Are Engaged_91Beth & Adam Are Engaged_94Beth & Adam Are Engaged_86Beth & Adam Are Engaged_92

Sneak Peek: Blaire & Dave

Blaire and Dave had a beautiful late-autumn wedding day, surrounded by perfect weather and colourful leaves at a sugarbush in Rigaud, Quebec. Their ring-bearer was Dave’s Grandfather, and both of their grandmothers signed the marriage license as opposed to the best man and maid of honour. Every last detail and moment was absolutely full of love.

Here is a sneak peek of their day:
B&D_Sneak Peek-01B&D_Sneak Peek-02B&D_Sneak Peek-04B&D_Sneak Peek-05B&D_Sneak Peek-06B&D_Sneak Peek-07B&D_Sneak Peek-08B&D_Sneak Peek-09B&D_Sneak Peek-10B&D_Sneak Peek-11B&D_Sneak Peek-12B&D_Sneak Peek-13B&D_Sneak Peek-14B&D_Sneak Peek-16B&D_Sneak Peek-17B&D_Sneak Peek-18B&D_Sneak Peek-20B&D_Sneak Peek-21B&D_Sneak Peek-22B&D_Sneak Peek-23B&D_Sneak Peek-24B&D_Sneak Peek-25B&D_Sneak Peek-26B&D_Sneak Peek-27B&D_Sneak Peek-28B&D_Sneak Peek-29B&D_Sneak Peek-30B&D_Sneak Peek-31B&D_Sneak Peek-32B&D_Sneak Peek-33B&D_Sneak Peek-34

B&D_Group Photo FunnyB&D_Sneak Peek-35B&D_Sneak Peek-36B&D_Sneak Peek-38B&D_Sneak Peek-40B&D_Sneak Peek-42B&D_Sneak Peek-43B&D_Sneak Peek-46B&D_Sneak Peek-48B&D_Sneak Peek-49B&D_Sneak Peek-50B&D_Sneak Peek-51B&D_Sneak Peek-55B&D_Sneak Peek-56B&D_Sneak Peek-57B&D_Sneak Peek-58B&D_Sneak Peek-59B&D_Sneak Peek-60B&D_Sneak Peek-61B&D_Sneak Peek-62B&D_Sneak Peek-63B&D_Sneak Peek-65B&D_Sneak Peek-66B&D_Sneak Peek-54B&D_Sneak Peek-68B&D_Sneak Peek-69B&D_Sneak Peek-70B&D_Sneak Peek-71B&D_Sneak Peek-72B&D_Sneak Peek-73B&D_Sneak Peek-75B&D_Sneak Peek-76B&D_Sneak Peek-77

Congrats, Rob & Julia!

These two are sweet, soft-spoken, very smart, and very funny. Their wedding day was the same!

My top five favourite things from their day:

1) Long Veil. Julia’s mother reeeaaalllyyy wanted her to wear a very long train. Julia was not into this idea. She hit the middle-ground perfectly and wore a long cathedral veil which looked beautiful on her; trailing behind her down the aisle, and later when the wind lifted it outside by the Rideau Canal.

2) High School. Julia’s two high school best friends, and now bridesmaids, were reminiscing about all of the sleepovers they had in Julia’s purple bedroom in her mother’s house where they all got ready. It was amazing for me to watch them get Julia into her wedding dress in this same room, years later.

3) Milestone’s. We made a stop at Milestone’s Restaurant on Rideau Street for a drink post-ceremony, pre-reception. This happened to be where Julia and Rob had their very first date. To make things even cuter, I grabbed a snap of them sitting in the exact same booth, years later on their wedding day :)

4) Before and After. Another before and after we executed was recreating a shot I took of them from last November during our engagement session on the steps of St. Anthony’s church where they would be married the following year.

5) Julia, the trooper. Julia didn’t feel well during their reception. She did not let this hinder her fun as she ignored any ill feelings by dancing, (attempting) to eat, mingling and overall enjoying herself.

R&J_Julia Getting Ready_011 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_015 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_023 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_028 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_031 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_037 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_043 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_050 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_061 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_062 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_066 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_071 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_075 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_080 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_098 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_102 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_104 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_106

R&J_Rob Getting Ready_01 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_02 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_20 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_26 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_40

R&J_Ceremony_022 R&J_Ceremony_023 R&J_Ceremony_025 R&J_Ceremony_029 R&J_Ceremony_032 R&J_Ceremony_045 R&J_Ceremony_046 R&J_Ceremony_065 R&J_Ceremony_079 R&J_Ceremony_092

R&J_Portraits_014 R&J_Portraits_022 R&J_Portraits_030 R&J_Portraits_040 R&J_Portraits_042 R&J_Portraits_045 R&J_Portraits_051 R&J_Portraits_052 R&J_Portraits_053 R&J_Portraits_058 R&J_Portraits_070 R&J_Portraits_073 R&J_Portraits_077 R&J_Portraits_085 R&J_Portraits_097 R&J_Portraits_098 R&J_Portraits_103 R&J_Portraits_105 R&J_Portraits_113 R&J_Portraits_115 R&J_Portraits_120

R&J_Reception_010 R&J_Reception_016 R&J_Reception_020 R&J_Reception_039 R&J_Reception_042 R&J_Reception_046 R&J_Reception_057 R&J_Reception_068 R&J_Reception_078 R&J_Reception_082 R&J_Reception_084

R&J_Reception_106 R&J_Reception_107 R&J_Reception_114 R&J_Reception_119 R&J_Reception_121 R&J_Reception_152 R&J_Reception_162 R&J_Reception_172 R&J_Reception_186 R&J_Reception_213 R&J_Reception_215 R&J_Reception_216 R&J_Reception_219 R&J_Reception_220 R&J_Reception_225 R&J_Reception_227 R&J_Reception_258 R&J_Reception_260 R&J_Reception_262

R&J_Ceremony_119 R&J_Ceremony_120


Recently Published . . .

I went over to Hannah and Steve’s house to photograph their beautiful newborn son when they surprised me with a copy of Ottawa Wedding Magazine! The Fall/Winter issue not only features a spotlight on their wedding from last summer, which I had the pleasure of photographing, ( but also featured Jack Loves Mary Photography as a vender winner for Ottawa Wedding Photographer, Wedding of the Year, at the Ottawa Wedding Awards!

Ott Wed Mag-01 Ott Wed Mag-02 Ott Wed Mag-03 Ott Wed Mag-04 Ott Wed Mag-05 Ott Wed Mag-06 Ott Wed Mag-07

Happy One-Year Anniversary to Luke and Amanda . . .

There are so many (too many) weddings which I don’t have the time to make a blog post for.

I realised, when thinking of Luke and Amanda’s wedding anniversary, that I never did write a blog post about their wedding day! They had someone on their side when September 27th, 2014 hit as the rainy weather seemed to take a day off just for them. Out came the sunshine and the warmth, along with the coloured maple leaves – it was truly a dream. Aside from all of that and more importantly than the weather, the love and pure happiness among all who attended was palpable. The love between Luke and Amanda – well that was a whole other level . . .

Here are some of my favourites from their wonderful day:

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 034 035 036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080 081 082 083 084 085 086 087 088 089 090 091 092 093 094 095 096 097 098 099

Congrats, Jenna & Evan!

You may remember Jenna and Evan from my engagement session with them this past summer: (I was so happy to see these photos scattered around their wedding day :) )
They are now married after a warm summer wedding in Dundas, Ontario.

Top five favourite things from their wedding day:

1.) Beauty and The Beast. While Jenna and her ladies were getting ready they had a DVD of Beauty and the Beast on loop, the perfect whimsical mood-setter for the day.  .  . We all realized we know every last word to “Tale as Old as Time”

2.) Jenna and her Dad. These two have so much love for one another. When Jenna came down the stairs to reveal herself ready to be married, beautiful as a bride, the love her dad has for her was palpable. He also walked her down the aisle with the proudest look on his face, and to top it all off during the reception, he made a speech which left every eye in the room wet.

3.) Penni. It was nice to see this pup a year older, never leaving Jenna’s side as she got ready.

4.) Pollen Fluffies. As we took the wagon around the grounds of Dyment’s Farm, I exclaimed at the sight of one of thier fields full of fluffy pollen; I think my exact words were “look at the fluffs!” each one lit up by the sun it was a gorgeous backdrop for these two.  Throughout the night, as the light changed, I continued to snap photos of Jenna and Evan, and even the bridal party as well. When the sun was setting we ventured out in the field and by the barn, as well once the sun was down, and Jenna put her hair up, we made sure to sneak in a candle-lit romantical photograph of the two of them stealing a moment together. I love getting photos as the night goes on because the vibe continues to change, moving from getting ready, to ceremony, to party-time.

5.) Pie. Dyment’s Farm makes their own pies (better than your grandmother guaranteed) and set up a dessert bar of various pies and whipped cream for Jenna and Evan’s dessert. Such a fun idea, I definitely saw some guests take one of each!

Here are some of my favourite photos from their day:

001_001001001E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_014 002_002002002E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_021 003_003003003E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_026 004_004004004E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_029 005_005005005E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_038b Á ã*ÏSÓç@ÿÓÌucزïҁ&Mîj”ˆŒ%?¤ž¶É¿4cȐ =Ï:¿ôòrîêŠÞJçA'tMÚ$®é$„犄iŒE!Õ¬« ¬av"”à %'΂Æ7Òý$ øJSþ¥Pc³®W»ÄâÄç¦æçÊΦÌx†¿Mö5¯îÁ+T6¬ÑÕúÉGí1ë°nWûh57ÿNºV)C×Ùr/%–YÏî¤ï?ÇAªY,V#›D ¶e I?5{Çêh-ƒß”ûo²îöʆnm·s`~ÑÇú“šîÍ/_•4tT­Î²Žáß]Íø•A4&‚ 4”hu _ IQô4~G¹”Duíôæ/SF¼þp‚6ž£%D<¦N xÍ)q‘@"[惄ÆÁAÅ:a —OB®(.¤´J0Ÿ}?ÿÔÉ5k/½¶›Ïˆ€H *Õ¦#E¶œÆr}hÓzu`®kd¥dø@ r³a™…/#íHåF‚ýÛC­/…6®¤Pr‚Ì|¸ÞŒtó P˜â[r€Z_Z öŒ<dF9lòS@Äõ ,(ah>Gփñh«T»ù=Ÿ°@ñ¨tò ‚WìÚ°²ç殑܊à=7”þ4 ú蒭‰sºm3Ûû)/¤8¢‰XÜpQ@ØÒ@ )”÷Øó Æ?ê"Ú6[òGþÙÕ’¯ò¤§?%¦G±[¡bUÎ̵pháWÿ­·º‚%TR¨ ¶[W9ìtlu4 ±m1"¶Põó Rí2mþ.‘&Ç%¸®EIq÷²€9H¦ƒ0nÆlɓ‘!¾õÅó9ÿšÛÊsKƒŒœó çÉæ€'‘·8 ºZÎ1@dhïEq.„øxÝ@×f)µ øã@ÿÕDŒ‘.8sõ ©ŠVöÿVá@ù¢×ii°¹j H÷A l]º5Å+z&ԌxIÉÔ2,TÄö»ØÄûÉæ‚7[Ƙº0WGt飧á@—sFJ˜  ]ÅØç'”ž©4Ãqe+¾Ž½Žù¦£L^$Et4áÚ}†mÍɃҪ)T–yLƎ•qÍy°Nh{N•éƒìJKqKg½`£%CÏ ÏMm©:^mRoaŠ¾ýoچP9&‚¹eh84n+œäš›všQœÀ?¥A‰‚…aKǕë÷ ðФ²¢!ð ÿÖÌ-²J¡¸Ú|¹OÈÐ]ÙôóîÀrAê}Ñ@l ô¦{D1Ó8⁚Õ*ÈPž¦¿D,øÐUjFÛڥŚ$ÎÕs@«õkKřñÂVQApì­4܅ãw‘4 W¶™Y+Ž½È>B‚§¹q(ï$)':ÐY[ïJJ’ŽŠ Ñ4¦­Co ¶îÇ8ò"ƒT·j(ó› H ïROB v¸Ó‰…-›å³Â†¼. z%[“øŠÍߊ’•ƒáP}y ü«êºn äo§'ÅAÁwÏz‚¶é©ÌvòØZÈJR®œõÍ'sŽ¸seÇ÷ˆùq¼y%grqAô˜º¦ãe‡,—ZJ•ûØÁüh-Š¨9<¼ šâ?–|è e’µAŸv 007_007007007E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_046 008_008008008E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_049 009_009009009E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_059b 010_010010010E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_066 012_012012012E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_073 013_013013013E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_079 014_014014014E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_087 015_015016017E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_097 016_016017018E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_096 017_017018019E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_107 018_018019020E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_108 019_019021022E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_143 020_020020021E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_100 021_021022023E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_110 022_022031032E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_126b 023_023023024E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_113 024_024024025E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_140b 025_025026027E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_116 026_026027028E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_119 027_027028029E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_121 028_028029030E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_120 029_029030031E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_156b 030_030032033E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_162 031_031033034E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_164 032_032034035E&J_Jenna Getting Ready_169 033_033035036E&J_Evan Getting Ready_02 034_034036037E&J_Evan Getting Ready_05 035_035037038E&J_Evan Getting Ready_14 036_036038039E&J_Evan Getting Ready_25 037_037039040E&J_Evan Getting Ready_26 039_039041042E&J_Evan Getting Ready_42 040_040042E&J_Ceremony_001 041_041043E&J_Ceremony_003 042_042044E&J_Ceremony_009b 043_043045E&J_Ceremony_013 044_044046E&J_Ceremony_015 045_045047E&J_Ceremony_021 046_046048E&J_Ceremony_037b 047_046_050E&J_Ceremony_045 048_047049E&J_Ceremony_042 049_049051E&J_Ceremony_070 050_050052E&J_Ceremony_074 051_051053E&J_Ceremony_086 052_052054E&J_Ceremony_099 053_053055E&J_Ceremony_110 054_054056E&J_Ceremony_114 055_055057E&J_Portraits_16 057_057059E&J_Portraits_24 058_058060E&J_Portraits_08 059_059061E&J_Portraits_13 061_061063E&J_Portraits_30 062_062064E&J_Portraits_38 063_063065E&J_Portraits_41 064_064066E&J_Portraits_45

060_060062E&J_Portraits_29b065_065067E&J_Portraits_50 066_066068E&J_Portraits_97b 067_067069E&J_Portraits_61 068_068070E&J_Portraits_58 069_069071E&J_Portraits_57b 070_070072E&J_Portraits_65 071_071073E&J_Portraits_73 072_072074E&J_Portraits_69 073_073075E&J_Portraits_74 074_074076E&J_Portraits_79 075_075077E&J_Portraits_53 076_076078E&J_Portraits_54 077_077079E&J_Portraits_84 078_078080E&J_Portraits_86 079_079081E&J_Portraits_89 080_080082E&J_Portraits_82 081_081083E&J_Reception_004 082_082084E&J_Reception_005 083_083085E&J_Reception_006 084_084086E&J_Reception_010 085_085087E&J_Reception_012 086_086088E&J_Reception_021 087_087089E&J_Reception_024 088_088090E&J_Reception_031 089_089093E&J_Reception_045 090_090094E&J_Reception_071 091_091095E&J_Reception_053 092_092096E&J_Reception_064 093_093097E&J_Reception_077 094_094098E&J_Reception_081 095_095099E&J_Reception_082 096_096100E&J_Reception_083 097_097101E&J_Reception_075 098_098102E&J_Reception_084 099_099103E&J_Reception_085 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Congrats, Heidi & Greg!

When I first met with Heidi and Greg, a few things were clear. 1. They are very much in love and in sync with each other. 2. They had a clear vision for how they wanted their wedding day to be; relaxed, fun, natural and low-key, just like them.

Top five favourite things:

1.) First Look. The “First Look’ is becoming more frequent these days as couples are preferring to have a private moment, alone, in order to see one another before the ceremony. Heidi and Greg not only had a first look after they were dressed and ready, they also met up during the morning in-between hair, makeup and all of the goings-on. A very cute moment was when they both said the same thing to me, but at different moments. The sentence “I’ve had more phone calls today, than any other day of my life” was said to me, by both Heidi and Greg, at different times in the morning. See? I said they were in sync.

2.) Priorities. Every bride and groom need to prioritize what is important to them on their wedding day. For these two it was ceremony, time with loved ones, and atmosphere. Their ceremony was personal and emotional, (lead by celebrant extraordinaire, Julia Kiska,, they opted out of floral arrangements and bouquets, made their own cake and cupcakes, and as avid campers and hikers, their decor perfectly circled the outdoors.

3.) Shoes Off! When Heidi landed at the top of the aisle for the ceremony, her legs were so wobbly she just had to kick her red pumps off of her feet, and land on solid ground. I love moments like this.

4.) Wagon Rides. When hosting a wedding, Saunder’s Farm offers many activities and fun on their grounds for all in attendance. There is a bouncy pad, ship wreck playground, corn mazes and wagon rides. Greg, Heidi and their wedding guests enjoyed all of these activities, including a wagon ride in the late afternoon when I tagged along, for the sake of photos of course ;)

5.) Sandy. One of Heidi’s bridesmaids, such pure fun and laughter, all day long. Thank you for making my job so easy, Sandy!

Highlights of the day:

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