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You may remember the amazing story of Harald, Ida and Amy from a few blog posts ago:

The parents of these lucky babies reside in Norway where the subject of surrogacy is quite a hot topic. Within Norwegian law there are strict regulations on artificial insemination, and surrogacy is illegal.  Although this is controversial subject matter, more and more couples are coming forward to tell their stories in order to continue the discussion. Harald and Ida’s experience has become a great example on the side of why surrogacy should be a violable option on Norwegian soil as they, among countless other couples, have travelled abroad in order to have their biological children born by surrogate mother.

Two publications have used their family to help examine this law; National magazine “KK” as well as their local city newspaper. Harald and Ida were kind enough to mail me some copies so I could see my photos in print (subtitled in Norwegian no-less!) Here are some shots I took of the articles:

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Here is Harald’s translation of the story in KK magazine:

“The Ultimate Gift”

Here’s Even and Marie. They are born by Amy, but are Ida and Harald’s children. Read the amazing story of Norwegian Ida and Harald, the Canadian mother of seven Amy and the two families’ special friendship”

“My mother has a superpower – she makes families”

This is one way of describing it when you’re eight years old and your mother gives birth to other people’s babies. For Ida and Harald, the joy of parenthood had to go via Canada and another woman’s womb.

How do you thank the woman that’s given birth to your two children? How’s it possible to describe the gratitude? Harald Natvik’s tried, over and over.
– The answer Amy gives us, says everything about her:
“I’m the one that should say thank you, I get to help you to become a family”

Amy Cameron (38) has got seven children and a husband with a good job, home in Canada. She’s also given birth to three other babies, now living in Norway. Two of them are Ida and Harald’s twins Even and Marie, who’ll turn one in March.

How is it possible to carry a child and then to give it away? How can she do this, if not money is the motivation. And could money be motivation enough?
– It’s not money that makes the world go around; it’s what you do in life and for others. And I haven’t given them away, I’ve given them back. These babies were never mine; I gave them a womb to grow in. I knew all of this from the beginning, Amy explains.
She’s always been attracted to surrogacy, even since she gave birth to her first child.
– My grandmother taught me the importance of giving, and I remember thinking that surrogacy had to be the ultimate gift, something that really would make dreams come through. After I had delivered my first child I couldn’t let go of the thought, I knew I would do this when the time was right. I love being pregnant and I love helping. It just makes sense!
In an old and beautiful wooden house, placed in a lush garden in Os outside of Bergen, there sits Ida (32) and Harald (32) and can still not believe the many downs and ups life’s given them the last three years.  The year newlywed Ida was to turn 30 years old, she got cervical cancer.
Her first thought was “Am I going to die?” and then “If I survive, will I ever have children?” The doctors could answer her first question and told her that they had detected the cancer early and gave her good prognosis. The other question, no one could answer.
– The news went from bad to worse. First they only removed a small part of the cervical, but it turned out it wasn’t enough. When they realised that they had to remove the whole uterus, I weren’t allowed to freeze my eggs. Without a uterus, I was infertile and I couldn’t have children, according to the laws in Norway.

(Big picture with Harald, Ida, Even, Marie and Rubina: And then they were five – including the house cat Rubina. Even and Marie still don’t know what their parents had to go through for them to be born into this world. – One day we will tell them how wanted they were, Ida says.)

Harald struggled to focus in work and instead spent his time on the job making a special folder. It opened with a picture of Harald and Ida  and inside he had gathered pictures of children from all around the world – adoption was his first thought. They needed something to focus on and to look forward to in the midst of cancer and despair.
– Adoption was never a second choice for us, but a natural way of creating a family, Harald explains.
– But then we read the adoption rules in Norway. It says you can’t start an adoption process before five years has went since your last cancer treatment. Then it takes another five years to adopt. We could be too old to adopt and we couldn’t wait ten years to become parents.
And the dream of having their own family could’ve stopped there. To many it probably would’ve. But Ida and Harald aren’t quitters. They knew what they wanted and they were willing to go far to make their dream come through – a dream that they had shared since they met.
– We always knew we wanted children, we just wanted the right timing; Finishing our educations, moving out of the small apartment and moving into our own house. We had just signed the papers on our dream home when Ida got sick, Harald says.

She didn’t feel like she was sick, but she had had some bleedings, many have. Still she made an appointment for a doctor to have a look at her and do cell testing. Then came the phone call that said she was sick. Eventually there were many such phone calls. Harald experienced cold shivers every time his phone rang when he was at work – there was never any good news. With the uterus gone, so went the hope of carrying children. But when Ida started her radiation and chemotherapy, she still was optimistic, she knew she had spent her last weeks before treatment, doing everything she could. At at fertility clinic in Riga, there were five embryos. Ida and Harald described them as their “five babies on ice”. In the midst of sickness and despair, the fear of dying and the uncertain future, they held on to the hope for what to come. It was the comfort they needed when all looked bad.
Harald describes how Ida, only one week after her operation, still not on her feet, still using her time to call clinics in Europe that not only could help them with collecting her eggs, but also transporting them to another country.
– If we were to have any chance at all, we had to never stop – Ida says determined.
– I could never forgive myself if I hadn’t done all in my power to do, before it was too late.
They only had five weeks, from when they were told that Ida needed radiation and chemotherapy. Five weeks to rescue her eggs, the one hope they had to become parents. On the way they got help from understanding doctors who could advise them on clinics abroad and even let them know of an OB in a different Norwegian city – well known for his liberal thoughts on surrogacy – illegal in Norway, but that turned out to be their only chance to have children.
– The clinic in Riga required that we had an OB in Norway that was responsible for me. He knew we didn’t have much time and even booked me for an appointment on Easter Day. We can’t let Easter stop your family from happening, he said. I am forever grateful for all the help I got, Ida says.

At the end of May, Ida’s treatment was over. They only had to wait for the control check the following Fall. They wanted to see if the treatment had worked before moving on their plans for the future. Ida wasn’t 100% yet, as expected after months of operations and difficult cancer treatment. Additionally, Ida – only 29 years old – had to deal with menopause after having her uterus removed and her ovaries destroyed by radiation. Then – a new shock – Ida’s mother died suddenly.
– We experienced more misery in six months that other people will experience in ten years, Harald says.
But the fall of 2012 brought good news, Ida’s treatment had been successful. It would still be five years before the doctors could say for sure she had been cured, but Ida has no symptoms – no cancer cells. They now allowed themselves to look ahead and the future started with them writing their most important letter. A letter filled with hope – could there be someone out there who wanted to carry their child?

On the other side of the Atlantic, Amy read about the young couple, with the house by the ocean, with their parents close by, down the road. She remember feeling an instant connection, she wanted these people in her life.
– She’s a kind of person that adopts dogs and cats, she lets her children bring home turtles and squirrels. She’s just a good person. Charity is important to her and this time she chose us, Ida and Harald smiles with a face of gratitude.
They talked a lot on Skype, Facebook and by e-mail and the precious embryoes were sent from Riga to Canada.
The first IVF attempt failed and Amy had comforting words: “We have to get back up on the horse and try again!”
A new IVF attempt, two new embryos. They turned out to be Even and Marie. Ida and Harald were expecting, but the belly was on the other side of the Atlantic. It was a different kind of pregnancy and they shared the joy together.
– We read books on pregnancy together and followed the progress week by week. When I turned to the chapter and it said “Mum’s breasts can start to feel tender”, I skipped that part and read the part meant for the fathers, Ida laughed.
– We were like two fathers, together trying to back the one carrying the children.
The first time they got to meet in person, Amy was already in week 20 with the twins. Ida and Harald travelled to Canada to meet their babies for the first time, the ultrasound. On the 25th and 26th of March Even and Marie arrived – he just before midnight and she a few minutes later. Ida were there and got to cut the cord on both babies. Ida and Amy’s husband were both there, while Harald had to wait outside the room with Amy’s mother. The role as a surrogate is something that includes the whole family – and that’s the way it should be, according to Amy
– Surrogacy has changed our lives. It’s made my husband and I appreciate our own fertility, we understand now how lucky we are. It’s also taught our children that the World is a good place, we just have to look for the good. If we do something good, good things will happen to us. We’ve gotten two absolutely amazing Norwegian families through surrogacy, a whole world apart, but still so close.

(Picture of us and the whole Cameron-family: Harald and Ida got even more than bargained for when Amy gave birth to their children, her big family. Here’s Harald, Even, Ida and Marie with Amy, husband Patrick and the children Ava Kate, Savannah and Jadyn, David with the sign. In front are the twins Bidget and Charley and Olivia. “My mom helps makes families” the signs read. It’s a quote from one of Amy’s children’s home work at school about superpowers)

They all speak of each other like family, on each side of the Atlantic.
– There’s a strong bond between me and my three surro-babies and there always will be. Thankfully I’ve “worked” with parents that allow me to have that bond. They’re sending me updates and pictures and I get to be a part of their lives. Like a aunt, in a way, that’s had the privilege of carrying them and giving birth to them. It’s pretty special.
Around Amy and Ida’s wrist, they both carry identical bracelets with the twins’ fingerprints. On the twin’s naming day, both families planted identical cherry blossom trees, one in the garden in Os and the other one in the Camerons’ garden in Ottawa. The trees belong to Even and Marie and it’s a symbolic bond between the two families. Even though the twins haven’t realised much yet, there’s a lot of talk about Amy in their home in Os. She’s got a special place on the wall in the house, among family pictures.

There’s an airplane toy hanging above the changing station in the bathroom. When the children are looking at it, the parents tell them about how they travelled all the way by plane to Canada to be there when they were born. Ida and Harald stayed in Canada for eleven weeks and they describe the months as the best time of their lives.
– How do you reflect on that it’s illegal to have children in Norway how you’ve had yours?
– We had to be pragmatic and instead think of what we COULD do. We had to think of possibilities, not limitations, Ida says.
– When thinking back, I’m frustrated at how hard it is in Norway. We’ve been lucky, but we’ve all the same worked really hard.

Ida and Harald’s had only positive feedback from family, friends and government branches. Harald still can’t help himself and joins debates about surrogacy when he feels that the debate is too one sided.
– The people who says that it’s not a human right to become a parent is usually the ones who’s got children themselves or who don’t want children. The debate on surrogacy in Norway’s been about the exploitation of poor or week women. It’s a extraordinary underestimation of Amy and women like her. We’ve of course covered all the medical costs and expenses, but we haven’t paid her to carry our children – we could any how never repay her for what she’s given us. We can only give her our gratitude.
Ida gets teary.
– Sometimes it just strikes me how amazing it is that we did it – that I could get this happy again. It’s so big and sometimes difficult to grope. It feels like we’ve lived two whole lives these past two years. We can almost still not believe that it’d end like this.
And still it’s not over. At the clinic in Canada there’s still one “baby on ice” left. Amy’s said she’s not rejecting the possibility of carrying more children. Who knows?



Congrats, Steph & Chad!

To give you an idea of the type of hilarity it is when speaking with Stephanie, I received the following email from her when she first inquired about wedding photography: “I think your stuff is the shit! Love!! the jack loves mary website…beaut!!!” I think this gives a great example of Steph and Chad as a couple; warm, funny and unpredictable.

Although we spoke about their wedding in the heat and humidity of summer in ontario, they had visions of the exact opposite season. The dream was an outdoor, snow-filled wedding, and this is definitely what they got.

Top five favourite things:

1) Maid of honour with a broken ankle. Stephanie’s Maid of Honour unfortunately broke her ankle within weeks leading up to the wedding. She could have made it a big deal but opted to be completely casual about it. She had crutches with her but chose not to use them to bring any attention to herself, and with her long gown was able to hide it. As I was schlepping these girls through the snow to take their photos she marched along with us with absolutely not a peep. She walked down the aisle, gave a great entrance and toast, and even danced. What a trooper.

2) One Last Photo as an engaged couple. Steph and Chad are the type of couple that were very laid back in their wedding plans. Not too fussed on the details but wanted to make sure that everyone had a good time. So, when Steph did give me a specific shot she wanted to get I knew it meant a lot to her. Before the ceremony started, Steph wanted to get a photo with both she and Chad within the frame together, without actually seeing one another. Their venue location allowed for just this image as there was an upstairs landing where Chad could stand, while Stephanie stood on the ground below. Moments before heading down the aisle, they got one last photo together before they were officially married.

3) Outdoor Winter Ceremony. I feel like I go on about how much I love winter weddings, but I really do. They are so unique and offer a completely different experience than other seasons. Not only did Steph and Chad know that they wanted a winter wedding, they also wanted their ceremony outdoors. Their wedding day was mild and snowy, with little wind, which allowed the bridal party and guests to witness this wedding outdoors comfortably. This was a great treat for me as the ceremony images offer a calmness and distinct beauty that only the winter season can provide.

4) Family photos. Stephanie and Chad’s families provided the most entertaining period of family photos I have ever experienced. Quickly realising it would be impossible for any of them to keep a straight face, I went with it and got some absolutely hilarious photos of this group which really represent the fun they have together.

5) Cutting the cake. Steph and Chad had a beautiful wintery themed wedding cake and, true to tradition, cut it together during the reception. They each cut a tiny piece, Steph turned to feed Chad while Chad just shoved his entire piece in his mouth, chewed happily, and said “It’s really good!” Leaving Steph to laugh and shrug with her piece still in her hand.​
Runner Up: When Steph came down the aisle approaching Chad she exclaimed “Oh my God, I love you so much, Babe!” It was a moment of pure genuine emotion, absolutely adorable.
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A Winter Engagement

Winter photo sessions are more rare than other seasons, which is a shame because they are so beautiful and so much fun to shoot. In the winter the world around you can be completely interacted with. Once you no longer look at snow as something to dislike, but rather something to play with, everything around you becomes a toy. These two completely love this side of the season and made full use of the fresh snow we were given. They had moments of goofiness, hilarity, tenderness, sweetness, and overall love; all of which were a pleasure for me to chase with my camera.

By ending our session with their favourite Starbucks drinks to warm up, we went from kids back to adults. (But, not fully, as Cobus had enough caramel, sugar and whipped cream on his “coffee” that I’m not sure I can consider it an adult drink) :)

Can’t wait for the wedding!

Some of my favs:



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Congrats, Dominique & Verónica

Continuing on weddings from 2014 which I did not make blog posts for but would have liked to is Dom and Verónica.

Dom, being from Italy, met Verónica, who is from Mexico, while the two of them were in an airport going to different locations. They saw one another from across the room  and had a connection. The rest is history!

My top five favourite things from this wedding:

1.) Languages. Dominque’s first language is Italian while Verónica’s is Spanish and they speak to each other in English. In addition to these three languages I also heard Parisian French, Quebecois French, Mandarin and Farsi among the attending guests. It was my first time directing a group by gestures and miming – and it worked out well!

2.) Verónica and her mother. Verónica was worried that her mother would not be able to make it to her wedding as the visa rules for her to visit Canada are very strict. Luckily, she did end up getting approved and was able to attend. These two share such a strong bond I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to live apart. Their love is absolutely beautiful.

3.) Chateau Laurier. All Fairmont hotels never ceases to amaze me and the Chateau Laurier is no different. It is such a timeless building with amazing grounds. There are some obvious photo spots within the building that I love to use, however there are so many nooks and crannies that I feel are not as often taken advantage of. It is in these unnoticed spaces where I get to really wander and be creative.

4.) Speeches for Everyone. Due to the fact that this was on the smaller end of weddings (less than 100 guests) Dom and Verónica were able to open the floor to anyone who wished to say a speech. I enjoyed seeing the microphone passed around and hearing how everyone loved and knew this wonderful couple. There were stories, jokes, crying and laughter.

5.) Love. Although Dom and Verónica are clearly in love (very clearly) I’m referring to the love for this couple by all who attended this wedding. I have never been to a wedding and been told over and over how loved the couple is, and how great the couple is,  as countless guests felt the need to come up to me simply to let me know. They were so happy to be there, so happy for Dominique and Verónica and so happy to witness this day. The fact that this couple are this loved really goes to show the type of people they are.

Some highlights:

b07b01 b02 b03 b04 b06 b09 b10 b11 b12 b13 b14 b15 b16 b17 b18 b19 b20 b21 b23 b26 b27b25b28 b29 b31 b32 b33 b35 b37 b38b36 b40 b41 b42 b43 b44 b45 b46 b47 b48b54b49 b50 b52 b53V&D_Reception-196 V&D_Reception-263 V&D_Reception-270 V&D_Reception-289 V&D_Reception-294 V&D_Reception-315 b55b34

A Canadian Proposal

Canadiana, hockey, country and winter. These are things loved by this couple, and things which they wanted to incorporate in their winter engagement photos. From hot chocolate by the fire and cuddles with a newborn lamb, through to a walk in the woods and a game of pond hockey; this session was full of laughter and warmth. I love when photos can be personalized as they become that much more special, and that much more fun!

Here are some highlights:

a01 a02 a03 a04 a05 a07 a08  a10 a11 a12Aleah & Jeremy-43 a14 a15 a16 a17 a18 a19 a20 a21 a22 a23 a24 a25 a26 a27 a29

Congrats, Michelle & Brian!

As I spend the winter months catching up on things and finishing editing, I find myself reflecting on weddings from last year which I never had the time to blog about.

This wedding was held in the bright yellows of late October at Lago Bar and Grill on Dow’s Lake. It was so beautiful, not only because it celebrated the relationship of Brian and Michelle, but also because of the way it celebrated Family. Michelle’s father passed away due to cancer when she was a little girl, and while some might see this as a reason to mourn his presence on this important day in his daughter’s life, this family chose to honour him. His presence was felt throughout the entire day, from beginning to end, as I’m sure it is felt everyday in Michelle’s life.

My top five favourite things from this day:

1.) A greeting from the past. A very intense way to begin this day, Michelle received a card written by her father intended for her to open on her wedding day. This card was kept safe for Michelle all of these years without her knowing of it’s existence. Red Roses accompanied the card, and at her father’s request one was kept in Michelle’s bouquet for her to carry. Needless to say hearing directly from her father was a wonderful and magical moment I’m sure she could never forget.

2.) Black and White. Michelle and Brian looked sleek and elegant in their colour scheme of black and white. The men wore black and white tuxes while the ladies wore black lace and carried white roses. Everyone and everything looked so sharp, it was such a great and unique colour choice which only got better as we went outside for photos against the vibrance of the fall leaves.

3.) Pub Italia. After spending some time doing photos along the water and among the leaves, the three of us went down to Pub Italia in Little Italy where Brian and Michelle have great memories. After grabbing some photos of them, I left Brian and Michelle to sit alone together at the bar, decompress, and have a drink before heading back to begin their reception.

4.) First Dances. After Brian and Michelle’s beautiful first dance, Brian had a dance with his mother, and Michelle had a first dance with her mother and older brother; both of whom also walked her down the aisle. It was amazing to see how close this family is and how supported Michelle was on her day.

5.) Humour. From cake cutting to the speeches, dancing, and the peanut gallery during photos, this group definitely offered up the humour at every chance. Laughter is so important in every relationship; be it friendship, family, and especially marriage. I think these guys have figured this out early :)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

M&B_Michelle Getting Ready-67 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36M&B_Portraits-10237M&B_Portraits-09638 39 40 41M&B_Portraits-12642 43aM&B_Dinner & Speeches-028M&B_Dinner & Speeches-030M&B_Dinner & Speeches-09645 46M&B_Dinner & Speeches-0674447 4849M&B_Dinner & Speeches-14651 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60M&B_Reception & Dancing-173


Congrats, Bronwyn & Justin!

Bronwyn and Justin’s wedding day was a perfect mix of outdoor country and urban city. They held the ceremony at Bronwyn’s Aunt’s farm while the reception was held downtown at the Ottawa Police Association, this mix of country and city perfectly embodied the two of them as a couple.

Top five favourite things from this wedding:

1.) Tattoos. I have always loved a bride with some ink. I love how people’s tattoos bring a new dimension of shape and colour to photographs. I can photograph bits and pieces of their body and sometimes make a portrait just as personal as a headshot. Bronwyn and her bridesmaids had some beautiful pieces which gave a unique juxtaposition to the country dresses and floral bouquets that adorned them.

2.) Rain. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to think it okay when a wedding gets rained on. Well, this year has brought a lot of precipitation and I have learned to see the positive in it. The rain creates this glorious foggy light that makes grass look more saturated in colour, air acts as it’s own light source, and skin has a dewy glow. Beautiful.

3.) Groomsmen and Groomswomen. Justin had such a laid-back and helpful group of people on his side who were so easy for me to work with. Going to photograph them getting ready I couldn’t believe how relaxed everyone was, video games on, music playing, slowly but surely getting dressed. Photos were a breeze.

4.) The Celebrant. Bronwyn and Justin’s very good friend, Julia, had the honour of marrying the couple on their wedding day. Julia is a part-time celebrant who specializes in making every ceremony personal to the couple whom she is marrying.This ceremony was extra special for her because she has known Bronwyn for decades. Their connection was apparent during the ceremony, making it all the more special. (

5.) Jeep. Bronwyn and Justin are huge Jeep fans, owning a silver Jeep themselves. They made sure to incorporate this unique interest in a few aspects of their wedding including their wedding cake. This cake was created by the talented Mandi of Auntie Loo’s Bakery and showed a scene of a Jeep doing a burnout, spraying mud (chocolate) up the side of an elegant three-tiered wedding cake adorned by delicate purple flowers. Delicious, and unique.


bj001 bj002 bj003 bj004 bj005 bj006 bj007 bj008 bj009 bj010 bj011 bj012 bj013 bj014 bj015 bj016 bj017 bj018 bj019 bj020 bj021 bj022 bj023 bj024 bj025 bj026 bj027 bj028 bj029 bj030 bj031 bj032 bj033 bj034 bj035 bj036 bj037 bj038 bj039 bj040 bj041 bj042 bj043 bj044 bj045 bj046 bj047 bj048 bj049 bj050 bj051 bj052 bj053 bj054 bj055 bj056 bj057 bj058 bj059 bj060 bj061 bj062 bj063 bj064 bj065 bj066 bj067 bj068 bj069 bj070 bj071 bj072 bj073 bj074 bj075 bj076 bj077 bj078 bj079 bj080 bj081 bj082 bj083 bj084 bj085 bj086 bj087 bj088 bj089 bj090 bj091 bj093 bj094 bj095 bj096 bj097 bj098 bj099 bj100 bj101 bj102 bj103



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