Jenna and Evan are engaged (and adorable) !

I really want to share this session because it was anything but a “session”. These two were hoping for some photos of themselves at the cottage to mark this time in their relationship, along with their dog Penni. The rest was up to me.
After my GPS gave up on finding the location, I finally made my way to the cottage after asking some friendly locals with “turn right at the oak tree” kinda responses. When I did arrive, I was so excited, the word “excited” doesn’t even cover it – what a great spot!

These two are so cute and funny –  I could’ve photographed them forever. Their willingness to use every aspect of their surroundings (puddle-splashing and dock-jumping included!) made this day all the better.
My favs:Jenna Evan-pairing4Jenna Evan-053Jenna Evan-pairing2Jenna Evan-066Jenna Evan-036Jenna Evan-017Jenna Evan-007pairtriJenna Evan-067Jenna Evan-pairing5Jenna Evan-pairing1Jenna Evan-058Jenna Evan-pairing6Jenna Evan-099

Congrats Carolyn & Pete!

These two seem to be polar opposites, at first glance, but the more time spent with them, the more one realizes how they are actually  the exact same person.

Pete and Carolyn are headed to Texas for a change of careers (and food, weather and scenery). They knew that they would be eventually married for quite some time, but career changes somehow manage to speed things up. Their wedding was intimate, hilarious, personal and, most importantly,  true to Pete and Carolyn.

This downtown Toronto wedding made for a unique and beyond fun atmosphere, so happy I was a part of it.

Favourite things about this wedding:

1) The food: If you are in (or anywhere near) Toronto, go to Adega on Elm St  (b/w Yonge and McCaul) you will not be disappointed.

2) Intimacy: I love big weddings, I love small weddings – I basically love a wedding which is true to the couple whom it is all about. In this case, small was beyond perfect.

3) The ring bearer: he winks every time he sees a camera. Hilarious.

4) The ring exchange: both Carolyn and Pete are close with their grandparents. During the ceremony they had their grandmothers hand over their wedding bands as a symbolic gesture of lifelong love. From one generation to another.

5) Carolyn and her best friend: Within a 12 hour period I watched the two of them cry, laugh, yell, whisper, sing, celebrate and all in all, soak up one another’s presence.

Here are my favs:

Pete & Carolyn_048fb Pete & Carolyn_066fb Pete & Carolyn_185fb

Pete & Carolyn_265fb

Pete & Carolyn_222fb Pete & Carolyn_267fb Pete & Carolyn_272fb



Pete & Carolyn_278fb Pete & Carolyn_286fb Pete & Carolyn_288fb

Pete & Carolyn_213fbPete & Carolyn_291fb


Recently Published

I am so happy that Elegant Magazine Kids Edition has published an editorial I did called “Peaches & Freckles”

These photos show a special time in a young girls life when she is entering the teenage world but continuing to keep her childhood ideals in her back pocket. At this age a girls’ best friend is her biggest ally and partner, the one who she crosses into the adolescent world alongside, vowing to hold hands along the way.

As per my usual style I wanted a sense of natural beauty and candid expression. Please Enjoy :)

PDF layout-3-4&5 PDF layout-3-6 PDF layout-3-7 PDF layout-3-8 PDF layout-3-9 PDF layout-3-10 & 11 PDF layout-3-12 PDF layout-3-13 PDF layout-3-1


Can’t wait to get my paws on the hard copy, full-length magazine!!

Happy Summer :)



A Happy Ending

You may have seen this story about this incredible family whom I have had the pleasure of photographing. I’m happy to let you know that these twin babes entered the world safely and quickly after a two hour natural labour! Yes you read that right; two hoursFor twins! Every bit worth the wait – this family is finally complete, and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

I introduce to you, Even and Marie, the perfect little babies who are the happy ending to this surrogate story.





37_Even&Marie-BW 35_Even&Marie

32_Even&Marie daisys05_Even&Marie52_Even&Marie-BW 54_Even&Marie-BW 56_Even&Marie





Here comes #2!

I’ve had a lot of fun maternity sessions lately; spring babies are ready to come!

This mum you may recognize as one of my all-time favourite people to photograph. She and her husband are so cute, during this shoot at one point I was laughing so hard I was crying. The fun really started when their daughter Harper woke up from her nap. She is ridiculously funny, a total ham (even though she wasn’t feeling well) I  could’ve stayed all night taking pictures.

This mum is expecting their second child, a boy, (!) and wanted some photos to remember this time in their families life. We had a blast choosing fabulous outfits, baking cupcakes, and most-of-all laughing.

Here are some of my favs:

Brittany-003 Brittany-004

Brittany-007 Brittany-009 Brittany-013 Brittany-014 Brittany-016 Brittany-020 Brittany-025 Brittany-027  Brittany-034 Brittany-039 Brittany-040 Brittany-044 Brittany-046 Brittany-047 Brittany-053 Brittany-054 Brittany-057 Brittany-059 Brittany-066 Brittany-071 Brittany-073 Brittany-075 Brittany-076 Brittany-082 Brittany-087 Brittany-092 Brittany-093

Brittany-083Brittany-096 Brittany-098 Brittany-101 Brittany-102 Brittany-108 Brittany-109 Brittany-113 Brittany-114-BW


I was contacted by this mum-to-be with specific instructions. I want photos of myself pregnant, but I don’t want anything  cheesy.

Music to my ears.

Without wanting to put down other photographers, I do have trouble with a lot of maternity photos these days. I find that there is an overkill of the overly posed, big bare belly, and not enough focus on the person who is carrying that belly. I view maternity photos as, essentially, a natural portrait session of a person who happens to be pregnant. This is such a special time in a woman’s life and I want to  capture that, capture the details and the memories. My goal is that she can look back on these photos and spark a memory of when she was excitedly waiting for this little baby to enter her life. Because once this baby comes, everything as she knows it will change.

For this session when I asked what stuck out in her mind about this pregnancy, she knew right away. Her intense cravings for Corn Flakes and Miss. Vickies chips, learning and mastering yoga, (She signed up for a personal trainer a week before learning she was expecting) and preparing the nursery by hand-stenciling the walls – a task that once started, has to be finished.

Here are some of my favourites:

Miriam_004 Miriam_005 Miriam_009

Miriam_051Miriam_047 Miriam_048 Miriam_053 Miriam_057 Miriam_058



Miriam_020-BW Miriam_029-BW Miriam_030-BW




Miriam_076Miriam_102-BW Miriam_110-BW Miriam_111-BW


Miriam_117Miriam_115-BW Miriam_122-BW









Making a Family

I recently had the pleasure of capturing a very special pregnant woman and wanted to share her story.

Amy decided to be a surrogate for a beautiful couple in order to help them create their family. This couple ran into a challenging time in their life together when she was diagnosed with reproductive cancer which forced her to remove her reproductive organs. Hoping to one day be able to have her own children, she chose to freeze some of her eggs before this procedure. Once the  battle with cancer was won, this couple decided they were ready to start their family and went on the hunt for a woman open to carrying their child.
Meanwhile mum-to-seven Amy, had been a surrogate once before and was thinking of taking this journey once again. The moment she read their story she knew she had found the couple she wanted to help. Worry set in when the first session of in vitro didn’t take, and Amy wondered if the disappointment was worth making another effort. After deciding to try once more, the couple received the good news that Amy was, in fact, very pregnant.

The good news for the very deserving couple kept coming when Amy told them she was carrying twins, a boy and girl, and that their dream of having a family was going to happen for them.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my lovely afternoon with this amazing family:

Amy Ida Harold_29

Amy Ida Harold_01 Amy Ida Harold_07 Amy Ida Harold_08 Amy Ida Harold_17 Amy Ida Harold_22 Amy Ida Harold_42 Amy Ida Harold_61

Amy Ida Harold_35

Amy Ida Harold_13



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