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This summer has been high-energy, fun-filled, wedding madness! However, I have managed to visit many families, babies and mums n’ dads-to-be along the way.

I wanted to share this recent newborn family session on my blog. This little guy is the newest addition to a wonderful family, he and his older brother are so cute I could photograph them all day long.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session:

Ashton Juneau_08Ashton Juneau_19 Ashton Juneau_34 Ashton Juneau_31Ashton Juneau_16Ashton Juneau_03 Ashton Juneau_59 Ashton Juneau_49Ashton Juneau_53Ashton Juneau_23Ashton Juneau_58Ashton Juneau_05



Congrats Pete & Crystal!

These are two of my favourite people in the world and I had the pleasure of playing guest/photographer for their beautiful wedding.
This event was absolutely chalk-full of fun from surprise choreographed Bollywood dancing to some of the most hilarious wedding speeches I have ever heard.
There was also, of course,  lots of Love.

A few of my favourite photos…
Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_043 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_048 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_057 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_075 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_076 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_094 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_100 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_109 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_118 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_131 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_166 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_001 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_015 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_017 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_031 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_050

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_057

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_065 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_075  Pete & Crystal-Portraits_116 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_126 Pete & Crystal-Reception_004 Pete & Crystal-Reception_034 Pete & Crystal-Reception_042 Pete & Crystal-Reception_048 Pete & Crystal-Reception_078 Pete & Crystal-Reception_097 Pete & Crystal-Reception_105 Pete & Crystal-Reception_110 Pete & Crystal-Reception_123 Pete & Crystal-Reception_138 Pete & Crystal-Reception_139 Pete & Crystal-Reception_148 Pete & Crystal-Reception_156 Pete & Crystal-Reception_164 Pete & Crystal-Reception_173 Pete & Crystal-Reception_176 Pete & Crystal-Reception_192 Pete & Crystal-Reception_195 Pete & Crystal-Reception_199 Pete & Crystal-Reception_202 Pete & Crystal-Reception_248 Pete & Crystal-Reception_252 Pete & Crystal-Reception_254 Pete & Crystal-Reception_257 Pete & Crystal-Reception_258 Pete & Crystal-Reception_278

Waiting for Baby.

I recently finished a photo session with this fun-loving mom-to-be and wanted to share it. She is hilarious, beautiful, thoughtful, and deliriously in love with her husband, upcoming role as mother, and the changes in her body that come with carrying a child. Cravings? Ice cream. ice cream, and… more ice cream! In front of the tv, in the car, in bed – ICE CREAM. That’s it. She is a coffee lover, but has switched to decaf since becoming pregnant. Her nursery is 90% ready (with neutral stripes and bright whites) as is her husband, who said to me “I am so ready to meet him – this fall cannot come soon enough”. Here are some of my favourites from this session: Christina Maternity-001 Christina Maternity-010fb Christina Maternity-004Christina Maternity-014 Christina Maternity-016fb Christina Maternity-025 Christina Maternity-028Christina Maternity-030Christina Maternity-032fbChristina Maternity-035 Christina Maternity-043 Christina Maternity-060fb Christina Maternity-073 Christina Maternity-076Christina Maternity-080fbChristina Maternity-101 Christina Maternity-102 Christina Maternity-095fb Christina Maternity-093 Christina Maternity-040

Congrats Jo & Mike!

Mike and Jo are a very sweet, considerate and funny couple. The first time we sat down to chat, I learned how they met and how Mike proposed. But the main area of topic was about how important family and friends are to them and the love they have for these people – especially the kids in their lives (even going so far as to explain how they consider Jo’s brother’s dog to be like a niece to them). Their wedding day reflected this as they put such priority on all of the people attending: that they were having fun, were comfortable, and were well fed.
Top five favourite things about this wedding:
1) The ‘Man of Honour’. Jo is very close to her brother and it was important to her that he be standing next to her as she married Mike. Therefore she appointed her brother Man of Honour, a title which he wore well, right down to holding the bouquet like a champ.
2) The Windsor Knot. I started the day at Mike’s brother’s house to photograph the guys getting dressed. When it came time to attempt the Windsor knot we all looked at each other, perplexed. With a few Google searches and some helpful step-by-step websites, it was eventually accomplished. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself when I walked into Jo’s house where she and her family were getting ready. There was her Man of Honour, with the same step-by-step Windsor Knot instructions opened on his laptop. What did anyone do before Google?
3) The Flower Girl. This young lady was so helpful and so sweet the entire day. As I was first looking through my photos, I noticed that in every photograph of Jo I could spot her little flower girl somewhere in the frame. I don’t think she ever left her side!
4) The Walkabout. Jo and Mike held their ceremony at Pinhey’s Point in Dunrobin where the wildflowers were in bloom, the sun was warm, and the water was calm. It was important to them to have this setting for their ceremony, however they hosted their reception in the city as they cherish the downtown neighbourhood they call home, thus it was important to them to have photos taken in familiar areas as well. So, after doing portraits around Pinhey’s Point, we headed into the city for photos (and a pint) at their favourite pub, onto the Parkdale Famer’s Market, followed by a session in front of their gorgeous old brick house, and finally at a chip-truck for an impromptu dance party amongst strangers.
5) Singing. There was a lot of singing; in the middle of dinner a karaoke rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart was started up by Jo, during dessert two guests serenaded Jo and Mike from a paddleboat in the bay, and at the end of speeches the family chant rang out amongst Mike’s side of the family. Jo also surprised Mike, and everyone, by serenading him to the tune of Sweet Caroline, changing the lyrics to “Sweet Man of Mine”  which was such a fun moment in the night. Who needs to hire entertainment with this crew around?
J&M-Mike Getting Ready-22 J&M-Mike Getting Ready-23 J&M-Mike Getting Ready-24 J&M-Mike Getting Ready-29
J&M-Jo Getting Ready-26
J&M-Jo Getting Ready-16J&M-Jo Getting Ready-34 J&M-Jo Getting Ready-35fb J&M-Jo Getting Ready-38 J&M-Jo Getting Ready-49 J&M-Ceremony-006 J&M-Ceremony-009fb
J&M-Ceremony-081 J&M-Ceremony-074fb J&M-Ceremony-131 J&M-Ceremony-143 J&M-Ceremony-148 J&M-Ceremony-154 J&M-Ceremony-157 J&M-Post Ceremony-14 J&M-Post Ceremony-21 J&M-Reception-021fb J&M-Reception-026 J&M-Reception-061 J&M-Reception-068 J&M-Reception-102 J&M-Reception-124 J&M-Reception-147 J&M-Cake & Dancing-12 J&M-Cake & Dancing-21 J&M-Cake & Dancing-33 J&M-Cake & Dancing-38 J&M-Cake & Dancing-50 J&M-Portraits-003fb J&M-Portraits-006fb J&M-Portraits-027fb J&M-Portraits-042fb J&M-Portraits-050 J&M-Portraits-058 J&M-Portraits-074 J&M-Portraits-076 J&M-Portraits-080 J&M-Portraits-082 J&M-Portraits-085 J&M-Portraits-091 J&M-Portraits-095 J&M-Portraits-097 J&M-Portraits-100fb J&M-Portraits-105

Congrats Kristi and Eric!

I met these two at the Ottawa Wedding Show where we had a great conversation (amongst the craziness) and I was so happy to be chosen to photograph their wedding. We met again, this time with their two little Ghostbuster-loving kids, in order to do some engagement and family photos. It was a relaxed and fun day, I knew their wedding would be the same.

These two (or rather, four) are the epitome of “chill”. They wanted their wedding to be, above all else, fun. And it very much was!

Top five favourite things about this wedding:

1.) Kristi wore green Birkenstock sandals with her gorgeous, lace white wedding gown. She received some harmless flack, but in the end, this footwear choice could not have been more true to her.

2.) The kids’ dance. After the traditional first dance, and father/daughter dances, Kristi and Eric organized a surprise dance for their amazing kids to the Ghostbusters theme song. Their son and daughter were so excited and surprised, they danced their little butts with giant smiles across their faces.

3.) The rides. The groomsmen arrived in a minivan. The bridesmaids arrived in a vintage convertible. Enough said!

4.) Kristi and Eric had their kids “sign” their marriage certificate in addition to their witnesses. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a more precise adjective than “cute” but I can’t quite seem to find one suitable. Cute!

5.) The foursome that is this family: such a solid crew, so clearly in love, all I had to do was try my best to capture that.

Runner-Up:  The movie Frozen. This movie deserves special mention because it was how we got the flower girls to do their hair, how we made them smile, and how we distracted them. “Let It Gooooooo….”

My favs:

K&E_Girls Getting Ready_007 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_014 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_018 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_021 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_026 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_032 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_044 K&E-Boys Getting Ready_021fb K&E-Boys Getting Ready_029fbK&E-Ceremony_010K&E-Ceremony_009fbK&E-Ceremony_027 K&E-Ceremony_061 K&E-Ceremony_078 K&E-Ceremony_101fb K&E_Details & Cocktail Hour_022fb K&E_Dinner & Speeches_040 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_056 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_073 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_090 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_116 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_119 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_120 K&E-Dancing_007 K&E-Dancing_027 K&E-Dancing_033 K&E-Dancing_045 K&E-Dancing_055 K&E_Portraits_021 K&E_Portraits_034K&E_Portraits_072K&E_Portraits_038 K&E_Portraits_054 K&E_Portraits_081 K&E_Portraits_085 K&E_Portraits_089 K&E_Portraits_094K&E_Portraits_100fbK&E_Portraits_112 K&E_Portraits_114 K&E_Portraits_119 K&E_Portraits_125

Congrats Matt & Kristen!

Matt and Kristen had such a beautiful wedding. Maybe this is usually assumed – because all weddings are inherently beautiful – but I feel like their wedding was especially beautiful because of who was a part of it. They both have families and friends who know them so well and who support their relationship, and their choice to get married,  so whole-heartedly that it made this wedding especially beautiful - in every sense of the word.

My top five favourite things from this day:

1) The bouquets. The girls all made their own bouquets in an evening of female bonding and creativity the night before the wedding. All bouquets were strewn about the hotel bathroom to dry; a funny sight.

2) The bridesmaids dresses. Kristen’s sister is a fashion designer. She designed, cut and sewed every single bridesmaids dress, making each dress match the other, but slightly differ for the girl’s individual personalities. (

3) The Location. Perth, Ontario is chalk full of so many nooks and crannies for photos. I was so excited every time I turned a corner!

4) The cakes. Matt and Kristen each had their own cake, Matt’s was a bright red Montreal Canadians themed cake while Kristen’s was an all-white, elegant, floral, three-tiered cake. Perfect.

5) The details. Kristen worked so hard on every last little detail, hand-making and crafting absolutely everything. It made each bit so special and so true to them.

PS: I realized while I was editing Matt and Kristen’s wedding photos that I also took their prom photos, many moons ago. I am so excited by this!

K&M_Getting Ready_005fb K&M_Portraits_001 K&M_Portraits_002K&M_Getting Ready_074 K&M_Getting Ready_075 K&M_Getting Ready_090K&M_Portraits_046 K&M_Family Photos-007K&M_Getting Ready_030K&M_Portraits_029fb K&M_Portraits_159K&M_Portraits_012K&M_Getting Ready_098K&M_Portraits_066 K&M_Portraits_069K&M_Portraits_060K&M_Ceremony_001fb 0S5A3051fb K&M_Ceremony_048fbK&M_Ceremony_078 K&M_Ceremony_081 K&M_Ceremony_100 K&M_Ceremony_101 K&M_Ceremony_114K&M_Portraits_093 K&M_Portraits_105K&M_Portraits_101K&M_Portraits_134

K&M_Portraits_145fbK&M_Portraits_139 K&M_Portraits_172 K&M_Reception_033K&M_Reception_026fbK&M_Reception_096 K&M_Reception_166 K&M_Reception_223fb K&M_Reception_247 K&M_Dancing_58K&M_Reception_198fb K&M_Dancing_16 K&M_Dancing_57 K&M_Dancing_75K&M_Dancing_94

Jenna and Evan are engaged (and adorable) !

I really want to share this session because it was anything but a “session”. These two were hoping for some photos of themselves at the cottage to mark this time in their relationship, along with their dog Penni. The rest was up to me.
After my GPS gave up on finding the location, I finally made my way to the cottage after asking some friendly locals with “turn right at the oak tree” kinda responses. When I did arrive, I was so excited, the word “excited” doesn’t even cover it – what a great spot!

These two are so cute and funny –  I could’ve photographed them forever. Their willingness to use every aspect of their surroundings (puddle-splashing and dock-jumping included!) made this day all the better.
My favs:Jenna Evan-pairing4Jenna Evan-053Jenna Evan-pairing2Jenna Evan-066Jenna Evan-036Jenna Evan-017Jenna Evan-007pairtriJenna Evan-067Jenna Evan-pairing5Jenna Evan-pairing1Jenna Evan-058Jenna Evan-pairing6Jenna Evan-099


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