Congrats, Erika & Dave! (& Sawyer)

Erika and Dave were married in a tiny white church down a long road, they had a first look that still makes me cry.
Top five favourite things from this wedding day:

1.) The Little White Church. The beautiful church where Erika and Dave were married has personal connection, history and meaning to Dave’s family, it looks like it is out of a movie set, an absolutely idyllic piece of the world.

2.) First Look. First looks, whether they be at the top of the aisle during a ceremony, or pre-arranged at a location, always make me emotional. The heightened moment between Erika and Dave was so full of love, not just between the two of them, but also with their son Sawyer, myself and my second shooter Kamara were shooting through tears. When Sawyer turned around in his dad’s arms and saw his mom all dressed up walking toward them, he reached up his little hand and gave her a wave and a smile, a moment that was so simple and beautiful. Once Erika and Dave saw one another, their faces said it all.

3.) Salt of the Earth. “Basic, fundamental goodness” is the definition of Salt of the Earth, and perfectly describes Dave and Erika, as well as their loved ones. Such positive, not over-the-top, nothing to prove, pure love for one another people. I am so happy to have met them.

4.) Luxury Vehicle. Always fun to see the vehicle of choice used on a wedding day. A limousine, boat, van, Honda Civic or Rolls Royce – anything goes. For Erika and Dave, there was a little moment where we weren’t sure if the old convertible Buick they drove would actually get going, but once it roared up it was such a fun and perfect ride into the sunset.

5.) Expecting/Love/Expectations. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, right? This is so not the case for majority of couples these days as love brings us all kinds of gifts and surprises. One of my favourite moments of their day is when Erika and Dave quietly told me that Sawyer’s little sibling was also there with us, growing inside of Erika’s tummy.

Some of my favourites:
02_02_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-02003_03_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-02304_04_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-03905_05_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-04206_06_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-04607_07_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-09508_08_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-10709_09_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-00410_10_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-04411_11_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-05713_13_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-08414_14_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-08715_15_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-09516_16_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10417_17_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10718_18_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10919_19_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-12224_23_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-149b25_24_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-13626_25_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-16127_D&E_First Look-0228_D&E_First Look-0429_26_D&E_First Look-0630_27_D&E_First Look-0531_28_D&E_First Look-0732_29_D&E_First Look-0934_31_D&E_First Look-1135_32_D&E_First Look-1236_33_D&E_First Look-1437_34_D&E_First Look-1639_36_D&E_First Look-2040_37_D&E_First Look-2141_38_D&E_First Look-2442_39_D&E_Photos on the Farm-02943_40_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03244_41_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03545_42_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03646_43_D&E_Photos on the Farm-05747_44_D&E_Photos on the Farm-07048_45_D&E_Photos on the Farm-09249_46_D&E_Photos on the Farm-10050_47_D&E_Photos on the Farm-10851_48_D&E_Photos on the Farm-123b54_51_D&E_Photos on the Farm-12455_52_D&E_Photos on the Farm-13456_53_D&E_Ceremony-00157_54_D&E_Ceremony-00358_55_D&E_Ceremony-00959_56_D&E_Ceremony-01060_57_D&E_Ceremony-01861_58_D&E_Ceremony-03262_59_D&E_Ceremony-03963_60_D&E_Ceremony-03864_61_D&E_Ceremony-06965_62_D&E_Ceremony-07367_64_D&E_Ceremony-09168_65_D&E_Ceremony-09269_66_D&E_Ceremony-10370_67_D&E_Ceremony-10871_68_D&E_Ceremony-11672_69_D&E_Ceremony-12273_70_D&E_Ceremony-12874_71_D&E_Ceremony-13375_72_D&E_Ceremony-14776_73_D&E_Ceremony-16177_74_D&E_Ceremony-19078_75_D&E_Ceremony-19479_76_D&E_Ceremony-20580_77_D&E_Ceremony-21381_78_D&E_Ceremony-21482_79_D&E_Just Married-00183_80_D&E_Just Married-00784_81_D&E_Just Married-02385_82_D&E_Just Married-02487_84_D&E_Just Married-02788_85_D&E_Just Married-03589_86_D&E_Just Married-02990_87_D&E_Just Married-03191_88_D&E_Just Married-03892_89_D&E_Just Married-04593_90_D&E_Just Married-04294_91_D&E_Just Married-05995_92_D&E_Just Married-063

Happy One Year Anniversary, Melissa & Yannick!

Sometimes time flies and getting to blog all of our lovely weddings isn’t possible.

Happy to finally share some of Melissa and Yannick’s photos of their downtown travel-themed wedding day, on their one-year anniversary!

M&Y_Melissa Getting Ready-018 0S5A9474 M&Y_Melissa Getting Ready-163Melissa_Yannick_SneakPeek_06M&Y_Melissa Getting Ready-140 M&Y_Melissa Getting Ready-145 M&Y_Melissa Getting Ready-149 M&Y_First Look-03-BW M&Y_First Look-07fb M&Y_First Look-08 aM&Y_First Look-18M&Y_Ceremony-001 M&Y_Ceremony-005 M&Y_Ceremony-017 M&Y_Ceremony-01901_M&Y_Ceremony-02402_M&Y_Ceremony-02803_M&Y_Ceremony-03304_M&Y_Ceremony-06005_M&Y_Ceremony-08006_M&Y_Ceremony-10807_M&Y_Ceremony-10408_M&Y_Ceremony-11809_M&Y_Ceremony-16710_M&Y_Ceremony-14411_M&Y_Family Portraits-0112_M&Y_Family Portraits-2213_M&Y_Portraits-00814_M&Y_Portraits-03115_M&Y_Portraits-04516_M&Y_Portraits-05717_M&Y_Portraits-05918_M&Y_Portraits-07019_M&Y_Portraits-11120_M&Y_Portraits-12621_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-07022_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-00823_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-01124_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-07625_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-02226_M&Y_Reception-03527_M&Y_Reception-02728_M&Y_Cocktails & Details-07229_M&Y_Reception-07530_M&Y_Reception-08931_M&Y_Reception-02332_M&Y_Reception-17933_M&Y_Reception-14234_M&Y_Reception-14835_M&Y_Reception-16536_M&Y_Reception-22237_M&Y_Reception-21339_M&Y_Reception-23340_M&Y_Reception-29341_M&Y_Reception-27942_M&Y_Reception-25443_M&Y_Reception-24144_M&Y_Reception-310

Congrats, Beth & Adam!

Beth and Adam were married in the small Southern Ontario town of Kingsville on a beautiful Spring day.

Top five favourite things from their wedding:

1.) Honouring Beth’s father. Although Beth was without her father on her wedding day after his unexpected passing a few years ago, she found the sweetest and subtlest ways to include his memory and honour his presence. A photo of him as an Olympic Torch runner accompanied her as she got ready and prepared to go down the aisle, so she knew he was cheering her on. A small locket of his smiling face was attached to her bouquet and kept close. Instead of a father-daughter dance she danced with all of the important men in her life who support her, each taking a turn to cut in and take her for a spin. Beautiful.

2.) Siblings. Beth and her brother, and Adam and his sister, are so close it is inspiring to watch. When Beth’s brother Tyler saw her all dressed up and ready to walk down the aisle, their emotional embrace left every witness misty-eyed.

3.) Music. Adam happens to be an amazing wedding DJ who knows the importance of music to set the tone. Whether is was the ceremony procession or the party get-down, each song was perfectly paired with the setting.

4.) MOH Speech. During Beth’s Maid of Honour speech she brought out a blown-up photo of Beth as a little girl all dressed up as a bride, and on the flip side was her also as a little girl, all dressed up as an expecting mother – so cute!

5.) Late-Night Snack. S’More Station and Poutine Bar with every topping imaginable, need we say more?

Some highlights from their day:

01_001_014_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-06902_003_003_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-02003_005_005_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-02604_007_007_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-03106_015_016_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-07507_019_020_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-09408_020_021_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-10409_021_023_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11010_022_024_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11211_023_025_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11712_025_027_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-12413_026_028_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-12914_027_029_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-13115_028_030_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-13616_030_032_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-15718_032_035_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-17119_037_040_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-18220_038_041_A&B_Ceremony-01122_043_046_A&B_Ceremony-05923_045_048_A&B_Ceremony-06524_046_049_A&B_Ceremony-06625_048_051_A&B_Ceremony-07427_050_053_A&B_Ceremony-08228_053_056_A&B_Ceremony-08729_058_061_A&B_Ceremony-12730_059_062_A&B_Ceremony-14631_063_066_A&B_Portraits-02532_064_067_A&B_Portraits-02933_065_068_A&B_Portraits-03334_066_069_A&B_Portraits-03935_067_070_A&B_Portraits-04936_068_071_A&B_Portraits-05237_083_086_A&B_Portraits-12138_069_072_A&B_Portraits-05839_071_074_A&B_Portraits-06540_075_078_A&B_Portraits-08045_084_087_A&B_Portraits-11942_077_080_A&B_Portraits-08946_086_089_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-00247_090_093_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-01450_095_098_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-08851_096_099_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09052_097_100_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09253_092_095_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-06054_098_101_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09955_099_102_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-10156_103_106_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-12457_104_107_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-13058_100_103_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-10859_105_108_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-14660_107_110_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-18961_101_104_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-11362_109_112_A&B_Reception-00463_110_113_A&B_Reception-00864_112_115_A&B_Reception-01465_113_116_A&B_Reception-02266_115_118_A&B_Reception-03667_114_117_A&B_Reception-03269_121_124_A&B_Reception-06970_129_132_A&B_Reception-11171_130_133_A&B_Reception-11472_119_122_A&B_Reception-05373_120_123_A&B_Reception-05674_124_127_A&B_Reception-08775_125_128_A&B_Reception-09076_127_130_A&B_Reception-09277_123_126_A&B_Reception-07849_078_081_A&B_Portraits-090

Donna and Richard Engagement in Montreal

After Donna and Richard’s beautiful wedding day, I wanted to share the photos that started it all. We planned an epic engagement shoot in Montreal which showcased their creativity and love of fashion and architecture. It also involved roof-climbing (in heels in Donna’s case), graffiti painting, and getting a bit lost only a couple of times😉

Since they used these photos as decor at their wedding, as to not ruin the surprise we have yet to share them and are excited to finally be able to!
Some of my favourites below:

01_001_Donna & Richard-00302_002_103_003_Donna & Richard-01404_004_Donna & Richard-04906_006_Donna & Richard-02807_007_Donna & Richard-02608_008_Donna & Richard-06109_009_Donna & Richard-05010_010_Donna & Richard-06011_011_Donna & Richard-05212_012_Donna & Richard-05413_013_Donna & Richard-03414_014_Donna & Richard-03915_015_Donna & Richard-01216_016_Donna & Richard-07017_017_Donna & Richard-07318_018_Donna & Richard-06919_Donna & Richard-09520_022_Donna & Richard-09621_019_Donna & Richard-08522_023_Donna & Richard-09723_027_Donna & Richard-11124_024_Donna & Richard-10226_021_Donna & Richard-08829_026_Donna & Richard-12030_028_Donna & Richard-12431_029_Donna & Richard-134



Krista and Graeme get hitched in Mexico!

This past April I was brought along on a wonderful destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera for Krista and Graeme. This couple is surrounded by an incredible group of friends and family, some of the funniest people I have ever been around. They are such a close knit group, yet continue to be welcoming and generous to everyone else they meet – myself included!
Some highlights from their wedding day:


001_001_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_014005_006_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_054008_009_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_072009_011_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_077012_014_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_098015_017_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_113016_018_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_120017_019_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_141018_020_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_143019_021_K&G_Graeme Getting Ready_145021_023_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_011022_024_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_034024_026_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_016025_027_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_018026_028_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_048027_030_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_062029_032_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_078030_034_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_119031_035_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_161032_036_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_174033_037_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_183034_040_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_200035_039_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_203036_041_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_218037_042_K&G_Krista Getting Ready_221038_043_K&G_Ceremony_001040_045_K&G_Ceremony_015041_046_K&G_Ceremony_017043_048_K&G_Ceremony_048044_049_K&G_Ceremony_045045_050_K&G_Ceremony_060046_051_K&G_Ceremony_067047_052_K&G_Ceremony_070048_053_K&G_Ceremony_087050_055_K&G_Ceremony_107053_058_K&G_Ceremony_144057_062_K&G_Ceremony_155058_064_K&G_Portrait_02059_065_K&G_Portrait_06060_067_K&G_Portrait_17062_070_K&G_Portrait_30K&G_Portrait_25K&G_Portrait_31064_074_K&G_Portrait_61065_075_K&G_Portrait_65066_071_K&G_Portrait_47067_073_K&G_Portrait_54068_076_K&G_Portrait_68069_078_K&G_Portrait_74070_079_K&G_Portrait_77072_080_K&G_Dinner_001071_072_K&G_Portrait_51073_081_K&G_Dinner_027074_082_K&G_Dinner_010080_088_K&G_Dinner_081078_086_K&G_Dinner_067079_087_K&G_Dinner_075081_089_K&G_Dinner_082083_091_K&G_Party Time_001084_093_K&G_Party Time_020086_096_K&G_Party Time_070088_098_K&G_Party Time_077089_099_K&G_Party Time_079095_106_K&G_Party Time_160107_112_K&G_Party Time_197108_113_K&G_Party Time_198


Amber & Nathan are getting married!

Although the weather is very different, these two are just as much in love, and even more excited! I’m off to photograph their amazing wedding day!

Some favourites from our chilly winter evening engagement shoot, which started off cold, but ended in a heart-warming pint at the pub where they had one of their very first dates:

001_Amber & Nathan_27002_Amber & Nathan_05003_Amber & Nathan_09004_Amber & Nathan_40005_Amber & Nathan_29006_Amber & Nathan_32007_Amber & Nathan_42008_Amber & Nathan_50009_Amber & Nathan_57010_Amber & Nathan_66011_Amber & Nathan_69012_Amber & Nathan_73

Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged!

Kim and Mitchel live in a beautiful home on a large acreage, they love the country and try to spend as much of their free time outdoors as possible. For their engagement photos we stayed close to their home, doing some of the things that they as a couple love to do. As we wandered around, through the fields, we were followed by their new baby goat and short-legged weiner dog which made for some serious laughs and epic photo-bombs!
Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_001Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_002Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_013Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_017Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_019Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_021Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_023Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_025Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_028Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_043Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_044Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_045Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_050Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_051Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_052Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_063Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_067Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_069Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_073Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_075Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_076Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_080Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_083Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_084Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_088Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_090Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_092Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_096Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_102Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_105Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_107Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_118Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_121Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_123Kim & Mitchel Are Engaged_125



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