Congrats to Julia & Paul!

Julia and Paul are so in love its written all over their faces when they look at one another. Their wedding took place at Julia’s fathers house on the Mississippi River in the heart of cottage country. It was personal, fun yet quaint, and their first dance together in the pink haze of the sunset over the water was pure perfection.

Top 5 favourite things from this day:

The bridal party came to the ceremony on a boat (amazing)

The bride wore a jean jacket over her dress in the evening.

The rainy days that led up to the wedding were a blessing in disguise because they made the entire area lush and green!

They chose daises as their flowers and they put them absolutely EVERYWHERE.

The cozy, homey cottage vibe of the entire day.


Here are some of my favourite shots . . .


09- Julia and Paul_Getting Ready 53- Julia and Paul_Getting Ready 61- Julia and Paul_Getting Ready 084- Julia and Paul_Ceremony 095- Julia and Paul_Ceremony 120- Julia and Paul_Ceremony 141- Julia and Paul_Ceremony 258- Julia and Paul_Ceremony 301- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 336- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 349- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 347- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 339- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 391- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 440- Julia and Paul_Dinner & Speeches 471- Julia and Paul_Dancing & Party 530- Julia and Paul_Dancing & Party 684- Julia and Paul_Portraits 702- Julia and Paul_Portraits 701- Julia and Paul_Portraits 690- Julia and Paul_Portraits 716- Julia and Paul_Portraits 731- Julia and Paul_Portraits 675- Julia and Paul_Portraits



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