She said yes!

I was recently asked to play paparazzi. Steve had a plan to propose . . . .

After sneaking into Steve and Hannah’s house and being set up in Hannah’s office I sat waiting and panicking.  Hannah came home and Steve took her out to their back deck which he had filled with flowers and candles. As he poured her a glass of her favourite wine I squatted with my long lens at the window. I had butterflies flapping a mile a minute in my stomach and I was overheating by the second, What if she catches me? Steve had Hannah stand up and he proceeded to get on one knee, Hannah cried and cried and they embraced for a long time. After a while I snuck out the front door to leave them be and I ran down the street to my car.              ( I’m surprised no neighbours called the police on the strange girl running down the street with a camera in her hand! )

After a quick edit Steve surprised Hannah yet again by presenting her with these images so she could relive the experience all over again. What a guy, what a couple.

Here are some highlights…

Steve_01 Steve_08 Steve_23 Steve_30 Steve_38 Steve_41 Steve_45 Steve_54 Steve_59



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