Congrats Jeremy and Ashley!

Jeremy and Ashley have the cutest kids I have ever seen. Throughout their wedding day I laughed out loud countless times at their hilarious little curly haired girls running around.
They were married at Ashley’s childhood church which was a blessing because this beautiful old building is scheduled for renovations and they are most likely the last couple to be married there before it’s changed.

Top 5 favourite things from this day:

1) Jeremy and Ashley’s daughter, Harlow, wore mismatching shoes the entire day. She wore one “princess shoe” and one pink Croc. The best part of this? Ashley didn’t care. So many moms would’ve fought with their three year old, begged and pleaded and lost focus of what’s important. Well all Ashley said was “well… she’s 3 and she looks adorable, who cares?” And she did look adorable.

2) The bridesmaids bouquets. Pastels of pinks, whites and purples, each bridesmaid with a different flower. Beautiful.

3) Ashley’s change out of her vintage lace ceremony dress into her fun reception dress and shoes.

4) The reception location. Close friends of the couple held the reception at their house and it was such a perfect spot out in the country; personal and unique.

5) The fact that the groomsmen wore pink and purple ties and bow-ties. And that they rocked them!

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