Harper in One-derland!

Harper has amazing parents. Her mom created the most adorable and beautiful first birthday party for her with an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Harper’s mom was very excited to do a full-on smash the cake photo session and even got her a separate cake and change of outfit in anticipation of the mess. Little […]

Welcome Baby Lucy

Lucy is one of the most relaxed little newborns I have ever photographed. Don’t get me wrong I’m fine to wait through tears, feedings and changings  (these things go hand in hand with newborn babes) but once in a while there comes along a little babe such as Lucy who just smiles and chills throughout […]

Congrats Josh and Sue!

So I am a tad biased because yes, I am related to this groom. Sounds fun, right? Well, if anything, it does put more pressure on me knowing the bridal party. I often get asked by loved ones to photograph their weddings. It truly is a “catch-22”; I want to be the one capturing this […]

Congrats Krystal and Tim!

You may remember these two from our lighthouse engagement session shoot (https://jacklovesmary.me/2013/08/30/krystal-and-tim/). Well, they are now married and their wedding was unforgettable! They are both lovers of everything nautical, which is why they were married on – what else? – a boat! Krystal and Tim both come from large families and are blessed to each […]

Congrats Jess & Adam!

These two are just. . . so . . .  nice.  Adam is a military man, serious, yet hilarious – you just need to keep an ear on him. While Jess exudes warmth; towards her children, her friends, her family, the staff, – hell to the plants and the cars in the parking lot! They […]