Congrats Jess & Adam!

These two are just. . . so . . .  nice.  Adam is a military man, serious, yet hilarious – you just need to keep an ear on him. While Jess exudes warmth; towards her children, her friends, her family, the staff, – hell to the plants and the cars in the parking lot! They also have family and friends who can party better than I could at 20 years old!
Their wedding day was full of laughter, tears, dancing , more laughs, oh, and rainbow cake 😉  -and lots of L. O. V. E. everywhere.

Top 5 Fav things from this day:

1) Jessica and Adam’s kids. I know, I know, I always say this but honestly, these blonde little beauties are amazing.

2) Adam’s grandma. Beautiful, funny, charismatic – and an incredible dancer!

3) Their wedding cake was beautiful, beyond beautiful. White satin with big blue edible lilies, amazing. The best part? The inside was rainbow. (!)

4) Jess’s dress. Fit like a glove. She looked like Marilyn Monroe.

5) Jess. Talk about a chill bride! The epitome of relaxed and happy. I love her.

(Did I mention their cake was RAINBOW??)


Here are some of my favs:


1 4 8 11 12 13 17 18 23 25 28


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