Congrats Krystal and Tim!

You may remember these two from our lighthouse engagement session shoot (
Well, they are now married and their wedding was unforgettable! They are both lovers of everything nautical, which is why they were married on – what else? – a boat! Krystal and Tim both come from large families and are blessed to each have many, many siblings. Needless to say, there was an abundance of love present in every aspect of this unique wedding.

My top five favourite things from this wedding:

1) The Reveal: Krystal and Tim decided to see one another before the ceremony so they planned the cutest “Reveal” where Krystal, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids and blue and white balloons, walked up to Tim who was standing with his back to her covering his face. She let go of the balloons, he turned around, and his face said it all.

2) The decorations: Every single detail of this wedding screamed “nautical”, from the programs to the cake to the seashells in Krystal’s hair. It was so well executed and beautiful.

3) The Boat!: What photographer would not want to photograph a wedding on a boat??

4) The Cigar Bar: How cool is that?

5) Large families and large bridal parties can sometimes be a challenge to rally together in order to get a great photo. This was not the case with the Wilsons and The O’Farrells. Everyone was so quick, cooperative, and organized that we actually ended up with extra time leftover to do some more  portraits of Krystal and Tim! Perhaps there is something to be said for growing up in a family of six or eight siblings – it sure gets you used to big group photos.  🙂

Here are some of my favourite pics from this day:

01 04 06 07 08 09 22 25 28 Portraits_039 Portraits_050


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