Congrats Josh and Sue!

So I am a tad biased because yes, I am related to this groom. Sounds fun, right? Well, if anything, it does put more pressure on me knowing the bridal party. I often get asked by loved ones to photograph their weddings. It truly is a “catch-22”; I want to be the one capturing this amazing day in their lives and, if I don’t, I spend the entire time wishing I had my camera. However, I do have a hard time getting as lost in the moment and really absorbing what’s happening. I am always emotionally involved in any wedding I photograph, that cannot be changed (it’s just the way I am), and at the same time I’m thinking about the technical aspects – lighting, angles, timing, exposure. So with a loved one I need to be able to make sure the photo is exposed correctly, while also listening to the vows being told in front of me. It’s a balance I’m still working on. J

My top five favourite things from this wedding:

1) The groom. 🙂

2) Purple: Purple flowers, purple hair pieces, purple accessories, purple, purple, purple! (I love purple.)

3) The Bride’s family is from Cyprus and her parents performed a traditional blessing ceremony before Sue and Josh were married. They burned sage, and performed The Red Scarf Ceremony – where the father wraps a red scarf around his daughter’s waist to symbolize fertility, prayers are said and music is played.

“Φωνάξετε τον τζιύρη της να την ισφυκτοζώσει , τζιαι την ευτζιήν του που καρκιάς σήµερα να της δώσει.”

or in English: “Call her father to tie her tight with the scarf and give her his blessing from his heart.”

It was beautiful.

4) The intimate ceremony. Just family and close friends. For them, this was perfection.

5) The weather! I honestly think a wedding can happen in any weather. Maybe it’s the “Canadian” in me. What’s so bad about rain, snow, cold or wind (assuming proper attire is worn)? Different weather creates different light, and different light creates different photographs! Since when can a wedding only take place on a sunny, hot day? This wedding came on a day of rain-clouds-sun-rain-sun-clouds-sun. And it was great.

Josh & Sue_003 Josh & Sue_065 Josh & Sue_069 Josh & Sue_070 Josh & Sue_087 Josh & Sue_093 Josh & Sue_156 Josh & Sue_208b Josh & Sue_236 Josh & Sue_240b Josh & Sue_245 Josh & Sue_253 Josh & Sue_328

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