A Very Snow-y Valentines Day Wedding

I spent this past Valentine’s Day with the sweetest group of people, capturing a gorgeous wedding 🙂

Let’s get right to my top five favourite things about this day:

1) The weather. Winter weddings are a rarity, but really shouldn’t be. The snow brings an element to the day that is so special. It’s a quiet, peaceful entity which makes everything seem new. And, the bride and grooms last name?

It’s  ‘Snow.’

I swear, I can’t make this stuff up!

2) The bridal bouquet was adorned with her grandfather’s medals from the war, in order to keep him with her, on her wedding day. Enough said.

3) The Light. This pertains to my first favourite thing as the weather is the culprit for the light. But it was so good, it deserves it’s own line. This day brought lots, and lots, of snow, but also, wonderfully, a mild temperature in the air. The snow reflected the sky, and back again, which basically means that no matter where I shot I had nature’s softbox bringing me the most beautiful, white, white light. (I hoped there would be red roses to match this gorgeous whiteness and guess what? There was. Smart bride!)

4) The Flower Girl. UGH what a cutie! Smiley, smiley, smiley. Always looking at the camera. Such a dream! And she walked down the aisle like she was born for the job! Adorable.

5) The bride and the groom. It must seem like I always gush, but honestly, these two were so sweet. When I did photos of the groom getting ready he was so visibly nervous that it took everything in me not to hug him. The bride was dealing with a lot (as they do) yet she, in her gorgeous dress, had the most radiant smile and contagious laugh that even I got caught up. When the two of them finally saw each other  it was clear that they should really never be apart for too long. So sweet!

So here are some of my favs: (This was a challenge to narrow down!)


Girls Getting Ready_16Boys Getting Ready_1912.5456Ceremony_34710Andrea & Corey Portraits_0519Andrea & Corey Portraits_026 Andrea & Corey Portraits_15013 1112Andrea & Corey Portraits_182 proper

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