Making a Family

I recently had the pleasure of capturing a very special pregnant woman and wanted to share her story.

Amy decided to be a surrogate for a beautiful couple in order to help them create their family. This couple ran into a challenging time in their life together when she was diagnosed with reproductive cancer which forced her to remove her reproductive organs. Hoping to one day be able to have her own children, she chose to freeze some of her eggs before this procedure. Once the  battle with cancer was won, this couple decided they were ready to start their family and went on the hunt for a woman open to carrying their child.
Meanwhile mum-to-seven Amy, had been a surrogate once before and was thinking of taking this journey once again. The moment she read their story she knew she had found the couple she wanted to help. Worry set in when the first session of in vitro didn’t take, and Amy wondered if the disappointment was worth making another effort. After deciding to try once more, the couple received the good news that Amy was, in fact, very pregnant.

The good news for the very deserving couple kept coming when Amy told them she was carrying twins, a boy and girl, and that their dream of having a family was going to happen for them.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my lovely afternoon with this amazing family:

Amy Ida Harold_29

Amy Ida Harold_01 Amy Ida Harold_07 Amy Ida Harold_08 Amy Ida Harold_17 Amy Ida Harold_22 Amy Ida Harold_42 Amy Ida Harold_61

Amy Ida Harold_35

Amy Ida Harold_13


3 thoughts on “Making a Family

  1. Thank you for these wonderful pictures of my son Harald with his lovely wife Ida and beautiful Amy, she is the most amazing and kind person I have ever heard of!!! Although we have never met her we love her so Munch for what she has done! Love from Granny in Norway

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