I was contacted by this mum-to-be with specific instructions. I want photos of myself pregnant, but I don’t want anything  cheesy.

Music to my ears.

Without wanting to put down other photographers, I do have trouble with a lot of maternity photos these days. I find that there is an overkill of the overly posed, big bare belly, and not enough focus on the person who is carrying that belly. I view maternity photos as, essentially, a natural portrait session of a person who happens to be pregnant. This is such a special time in a woman’s life and I want to  capture that, capture the details and the memories. My goal is that she can look back on these photos and spark a memory of when she was excitedly waiting for this little baby to enter her life. Because once this baby comes, everything as she knows it will change.

For this session when I asked what stuck out in her mind about this pregnancy, she knew right away. Her intense cravings for Corn Flakes and Miss. Vickies chips, learning and mastering yoga, (She signed up for a personal trainer a week before learning she was expecting) and preparing the nursery by hand-stenciling the walls – a task that once started, has to be finished.

Here are some of my favourites:

Miriam_004 Miriam_005 Miriam_009

Miriam_051Miriam_047 Miriam_048 Miriam_053 Miriam_057 Miriam_058



Miriam_020-BW Miriam_029-BW Miriam_030-BW




Miriam_076Miriam_102-BW Miriam_110-BW Miriam_111-BW


Miriam_117Miriam_115-BW Miriam_122-BW









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