Here comes #2!

I’ve had a lot of fun maternity sessions lately; spring babies are ready to come!

This mum you may recognize as one of my all-time favourite people to photograph. She and her husband are so cute, during this shoot at one point I was laughing so hard I was crying. The fun really started when their daughter Harper woke up from her nap. She is ridiculously funny, a total ham (even though she wasn’t feeling well) I  could’ve stayed all night taking pictures.

This mum is expecting their second child, a boy, (!) and wanted some photos to remember this time in their families life. We had a blast choosing fabulous outfits, baking cupcakes, and most-of-all laughing.

Here are some of my favs:

Brittany-003 Brittany-004

Brittany-007 Brittany-009 Brittany-013 Brittany-014 Brittany-016 Brittany-020 Brittany-025 Brittany-027  Brittany-034 Brittany-039 Brittany-040 Brittany-044 Brittany-046 Brittany-047 Brittany-053 Brittany-054 Brittany-057 Brittany-059 Brittany-066 Brittany-071 Brittany-073 Brittany-075 Brittany-076 Brittany-082 Brittany-087 Brittany-092 Brittany-093

Brittany-083Brittany-096 Brittany-098 Brittany-101 Brittany-102 Brittany-108 Brittany-109 Brittany-113 Brittany-114-BW

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