A Happy Ending

You may have seen this story https://jacklovesmary.me/2014/03/31/making-a-family/ about this incredible family whom I have had the pleasure of photographing. I’m happy to let you know that these twin babes entered the world safely and quickly after a two hour natural labour! Yes you read that right; two hoursFor twins! Every bit worth the wait – this family is finally complete, and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

I introduce to you, Even and Marie, the perfect little babies who are the happy ending to this surrogate story.





37_Even&Marie-BW 35_Even&Marie

32_Even&Marie daisys05_Even&Marie52_Even&Marie-BW 54_Even&Marie-BW 56_Even&Marie





5 thoughts on “A Happy Ending

  1. These photos are brilliant; they capture the joy, beauty and innocence of everything that is right about bringing children into this world. Well done!

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