Congrats Carolyn & Pete!

These two seem to be polar opposites, at first glance, but the more time spent with them, the more one realizes how they are actually  the exact same person.

Pete and Carolyn are headed to Texas for a change of careers (and food, weather and scenery). They knew that they would be eventually married for quite some time, but career changes somehow manage to speed things up. Their wedding was intimate, hilarious, personal and, most importantly,  true to Pete and Carolyn.

This downtown Toronto wedding made for a unique and beyond fun atmosphere, so happy I was a part of it.

Favourite things about this wedding:

1) The food: If you are in (or anywhere near) Toronto, go to Adega on Elm St  (b/w Yonge and McCaul) you will not be disappointed.

2) Intimacy: I love big weddings, I love small weddings – I basically love a wedding which is true to the couple whom it is all about. In this case, small was beyond perfect.

3) The ring bearer: he winks every time he sees a camera. Hilarious.

4) The ring exchange: both Carolyn and Pete are close with their grandparents. During the ceremony they had their grandmothers hand over their wedding bands as a symbolic gesture of lifelong love. From one generation to another.

5) Carolyn and her best friend: Within a 12 hour period I watched the two of them cry, laugh, yell, whisper, sing, celebrate and all in all, soak up one another’s presence.

Here are my favs:

Pete & Carolyn_048fb Pete & Carolyn_066fb Pete & Carolyn_185fb

Pete & Carolyn_265fb

Pete & Carolyn_222fb Pete & Carolyn_267fb Pete & Carolyn_272fb



Pete & Carolyn_278fb Pete & Carolyn_286fb Pete & Carolyn_288fb

Pete & Carolyn_213fbPete & Carolyn_291fb


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