Jenna and Evan are engaged (and adorable) !

I really want to share this session because it was anything but a “session”. These two were hoping for some photos of themselves at the cottage to mark this time in their relationship, along with their dog Penni. The rest was up to me.
After my GPS gave up on finding the location, I finally made my way to the cottage after asking some friendly locals with “turn right at the oak tree” kinda responses. When I did arrive, I was so excited, the word “excited” doesn’t even cover it – what a great spot!

These two are so cute and funny –  I could’ve photographed them forever. Their willingness to use every aspect of their surroundings (puddle-splashing and dock-jumping included!) made this day all the better.
My favs:Jenna Evan-pairing4Jenna Evan-053Jenna Evan-pairing2Jenna Evan-066Jenna Evan-036Jenna Evan-017Jenna Evan-007pairtriJenna Evan-067Jenna Evan-pairing5Jenna Evan-pairing1Jenna Evan-058Jenna Evan-pairing6Jenna Evan-099

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