Congrats Matt & Kristen!

Matt and Kristen had such a beautiful wedding. Maybe this is usually assumed – because all weddings are inherently beautiful – but I feel like their wedding was especially beautiful because of who was a part of it. They both have families and friends who know them so well and who support their relationship, and their choice to get married,  so whole-heartedly that it made this wedding especially beautiful – in every sense of the word.

My top five favourite things from this day:

1) The bouquets. The girls all made their own bouquets in an evening of female bonding and creativity the night before the wedding. All bouquets were strewn about the hotel bathroom to dry; a funny sight.

2) The bridesmaids dresses. Kristen’s sister is a fashion designer. She designed, cut and sewed every single bridesmaids dress, making each dress match the other, but slightly differ for the girl’s individual personalities. (

3) The Location. Perth, Ontario is chalk full of so many nooks and crannies for photos. I was so excited every time I turned a corner!

4) The cakes. Matt and Kristen each had their own cake, Matt’s was a bright red Montreal Canadians themed cake while Kristen’s was an all-white, elegant, floral, three-tiered cake. Perfect.

5) The details. Kristen worked so hard on every last little detail, hand-making and crafting absolutely everything. It made each bit so special and so true to them.

PS: I realized while I was editing Matt and Kristen’s wedding photos that I also took their prom photos, many moons ago. I am so excited by this!

K&M_Getting Ready_005fb K&M_Portraits_001 K&M_Portraits_002K&M_Getting Ready_074 K&M_Getting Ready_075 K&M_Getting Ready_090K&M_Portraits_046 K&M_Family Photos-007K&M_Getting Ready_030K&M_Portraits_029fb K&M_Portraits_159K&M_Portraits_012K&M_Getting Ready_098K&M_Portraits_066 K&M_Portraits_069K&M_Portraits_060K&M_Ceremony_001fb 0S5A3051fb K&M_Ceremony_048fbK&M_Ceremony_078 K&M_Ceremony_081 K&M_Ceremony_100 K&M_Ceremony_101 K&M_Ceremony_114K&M_Portraits_093 K&M_Portraits_105K&M_Portraits_101K&M_Portraits_134

K&M_Portraits_145fbK&M_Portraits_139 K&M_Portraits_172 K&M_Reception_033K&M_Reception_026fbK&M_Reception_096 K&M_Reception_166 K&M_Reception_223fb K&M_Reception_247 K&M_Dancing_58K&M_Reception_198fb K&M_Dancing_16 K&M_Dancing_57 K&M_Dancing_75K&M_Dancing_94

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