Congrats Kristi and Eric!

I met these two at the Ottawa Wedding Show where we had a great conversation (amongst the craziness) and I was so happy to be chosen to photograph their wedding. We met again, this time with their two little Ghostbuster-loving kids, in order to do some engagement and family photos. It was a relaxed and fun day, I knew their wedding would be the same.

These two (or rather, four) are the epitome of “chill”. They wanted their wedding to be, above all else, fun. And it very much was!

Top five favourite things about this wedding:

1.) Kristi wore green Birkenstock sandals with her gorgeous, lace white wedding gown. She received some harmless flack, but in the end, this footwear choice could not have been more true to her.

2.) The kids’ dance. After the traditional first dance, and father/daughter dances, Kristi and Eric organized a surprise dance for their amazing kids to the Ghostbusters theme song. Their son and daughter were so excited and surprised, they danced their little butts with giant smiles across their faces.

3.) The rides. The groomsmen arrived in a minivan. The bridesmaids arrived in a vintage convertible. Enough said!

4.) Kristi and Eric had their kids “sign” their marriage certificate in addition to their witnesses. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a more precise adjective than “cute” but I can’t quite seem to find one suitable. Cute!

5.) The foursome that is this family: such a solid crew, so clearly in love, all I had to do was try my best to capture that.

Runner-Up:  The movie Frozen. This movie deserves special mention because it was how we got the flower girls to do their hair, how we made them smile, and how we distracted them. “Let It Gooooooo….”

My favs:

K&E_Girls Getting Ready_007 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_014 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_018 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_021 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_026 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_032 K&E_Girls Getting Ready_044 K&E-Boys Getting Ready_021fb K&E-Boys Getting Ready_029fbK&E-Ceremony_010K&E-Ceremony_009fbK&E-Ceremony_027 K&E-Ceremony_061 K&E-Ceremony_078 K&E-Ceremony_101fb K&E_Details & Cocktail Hour_022fb K&E_Dinner & Speeches_040 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_056 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_073 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_090 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_116 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_119 K&E_Dinner & Speeches_120 K&E-Dancing_007 K&E-Dancing_027 K&E-Dancing_033 K&E-Dancing_045 K&E-Dancing_055 K&E_Portraits_021 K&E_Portraits_034K&E_Portraits_072K&E_Portraits_038 K&E_Portraits_054 K&E_Portraits_081 K&E_Portraits_085 K&E_Portraits_089 K&E_Portraits_094K&E_Portraits_100fbK&E_Portraits_112 K&E_Portraits_114 K&E_Portraits_119 K&E_Portraits_125

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