Waiting for Baby.

I recently finished a photo session with this fun-loving mom-to-be and wanted to share it. She is hilarious, beautiful, thoughtful, and deliriously in love with her husband, upcoming role as mother, and the changes in her body that come with carrying a child. Cravings? Ice cream. ice cream, and… more ice cream! In front of the tv, in the car, in bed – ICE CREAM. That’s it. She is a coffee lover, but has switched to decaf since becoming pregnant. Her nursery is 90% ready (with neutral stripes and bright whites) as is her husband, who said to me “I am so ready to meet him – this fall cannot come soon enough”. Here are some of my favourites from this session: Christina Maternity-001 Christina Maternity-010fb Christina Maternity-004Christina Maternity-014 Christina Maternity-016fb Christina Maternity-025 Christina Maternity-028Christina Maternity-030Christina Maternity-032fbChristina Maternity-035 Christina Maternity-043 Christina Maternity-060fb Christina Maternity-073 Christina Maternity-076Christina Maternity-080fbChristina Maternity-101 Christina Maternity-102 Christina Maternity-095fb Christina Maternity-093 Christina Maternity-040

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