Congrats Pete & Crystal!

These are two of my favourite people in the world and I had the pleasure of playing guest/photographer for their beautiful wedding.
This event was absolutely chalk-full of fun from surprise choreographed Bollywood dancing to some of the most hilarious wedding speeches I have ever heard.
There was also, of course,  lots of Love.

A few of my favourite photos…
Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_043 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_048 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_057 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_075 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_076 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_094 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_100 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_109 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_118 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_131 Pete & Crystal-Ceremony_166 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_001 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_015 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_017 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_031 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_050

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_057

Pete & Crystal-Portraits_065 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_075  Pete & Crystal-Portraits_116 Pete & Crystal-Portraits_126 Pete & Crystal-Reception_004 Pete & Crystal-Reception_034 Pete & Crystal-Reception_042 Pete & Crystal-Reception_048 Pete & Crystal-Reception_078 Pete & Crystal-Reception_097 Pete & Crystal-Reception_105 Pete & Crystal-Reception_110 Pete & Crystal-Reception_123 Pete & Crystal-Reception_138 Pete & Crystal-Reception_139 Pete & Crystal-Reception_148 Pete & Crystal-Reception_156 Pete & Crystal-Reception_164 Pete & Crystal-Reception_173 Pete & Crystal-Reception_176 Pete & Crystal-Reception_192 Pete & Crystal-Reception_195 Pete & Crystal-Reception_199 Pete & Crystal-Reception_202 Pete & Crystal-Reception_248 Pete & Crystal-Reception_252 Pete & Crystal-Reception_254 Pete & Crystal-Reception_257 Pete & Crystal-Reception_258 Pete & Crystal-Reception_278

One thought on “Congrats Pete & Crystal!

  1. Great Job!! My sister and Pete look great. You captioned the love they have for eachother. Maybe calling you in the future!

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