Alina & Jon are Engaged

For their first date, Jon nervously packed a picnic, picked up his date Alina, and brought her to Parc Omega for the afternoon.

This day marks the very first moments of love between the two as this location became a place of fond memories for them.
In anticipation of Jon and Alina’s upcoming summer wedding we decided to hold their engagement photos at the place where their sparks first flew. Jon felt nostalgic packing a picnic basket of sweets, champagne, and berries, as the beautiful autumn light and colours allowed me to just stand back and capture the love.

I cannot wait for the wedding!

Alina & Jon Engagement-001blog-1 Alina & Jon Engagement-003blog-2Alina & Jon Engagement-002Alina & Jon Engagement-004 Alina & Jon Engagement-005blog-3Alina & Jon Engagement-006 Alina & Jon Engagement-007 Alina & Jon Engagement-008 Alina & Jon Engagement-009 Alina & Jon Engagement-010 Alina & Jon Engagement-011

blog-6Alina & Jon Engagement-012 Alina & Jon Engagement-013 Alina & Jon Engagement-014



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