Congrats, Hannah & Steve!

I throughly enjoyed the long-term connection I had with Hannah and Steve’s wedding; not only was I was there for the proposal and  engagement photos, but I was also tasked with helping each of them with their pre-wedding gifts to one another, without either of them knowing! To see it all come together was a great joy.

My top five favourite things from their wedding:

1.) Wylie. Although Hannah and Steve’s hilarious little Yorkie, couldn’t attend the wedding, he was there overseeing all of the preparations. He managed to sneak into many of my shots during the set-up and while Hannah was getting ready. At one point Hannah told me that earlier she looked out the window as I walked by; there I was with camera under one arm and Wylie under the other. 🙂 Love that little dog.

2.) During the ceremony as Hannah came down the aisle, Steve was so excited he clapped his hands and ran towards her. This caused myself and my second photographer to climb the church pews attempting to grab a shot of this moment, as it caused every person in the church to laugh and cry.

3.) Keeping it Local. Hannah and Steve placed great importance on keeping their vendors local. Hannah is from the North Grenville area and saw the relevance of using home-grown talents Michelle Vandintillaart for her bridesmaids dresses (, Dirk the Flower Man for their beautiful arrangements and bouquets (, The Mixing Bowl for hor’s devours, meal and dessert (, Joshua Brown as videographer, Cheryl the owner of Spa Jada as makeup artist (, and of course, myself, as photographer. Supporting independent businesses is something which I know we all greatly appreciated.

4.) Hannah surprised Steve (a loyal Habs fan) with a gift of non-other than a seat from the Habs stadium signed by Patrick Roy. I have never seen such an incredible reaction to a gift. Wife-of-the-year award goes to…

5.) Home. The cocktail hour and entire reception was held at the home which Hannah grew up in. She had such a vision for a backyard wedding and with the help of others was able to make it come true. Every last detail was so perfect, the abundance of thought throughout this wedding was incredible. I was lucky to see the day’s set-up begin as Hannah was getting ready, through to the final product.

Runner Up: An original, but welcome concept, Hannah and Steve had a 6 minute dance party before dinner started which was  fabulously received by all guests.

Second Runner Up: Hannah Ordered brightly-colured custom Nike running shoes for all of her bridesmaids, as well as herself and Steve. Each pair had the wearer’s nickname stitch on the tongue, along with their wedding date.

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