Congrats, Peter & Jenn!

Peter and Jenn have a unique story. Peter is from Ireland and Jenn is from Canada, however, they met in Australia and now live in the US. They are both lovers and workers within marine biology, a detail which appeared in various forms throughout their wedding day at the Residence Inn Marriot in Kingston, Ontario. Their guests came from near and far, making this day the first time Jenn and Peter had all of their loved ones, with all of their various accents, under one roof.

My top five favourite things from their wedding:

1). The Irish. From crisps, to whiskey, to freckles and blazing green eyes, the Irish family and friends of Peter’s who came for this wedding were so much fun, I doubled over laughing many an occasion.

2). Recreating Family Photos. Peter’s family brought over an old photo album which contains a photo of little Pete and his brother, arm in arm with big grins on their faces. Now, all grown up, they insisted we re-make this photo, and with much laughter I think we succeeded very well!

3). Acceptance of Weather. The original plan was to hold the ceremony outdoors. Mother nature had another plan (as she has had many times this year) and decided to force the ceremony indoors. Jenn, Peter and all of their guests couldn’t have been less-phased. At the end of the day what matters, and what one remembers about a wedding ceremony, is how they feel.

4). Photo Locations. Wandering the city of Kingston I found every corner to be a spot for photographs. We utilized the waterfront of course, as well as the back of buildings, the openings of parking garages,  a quick dance in front of a local busker, and a minute for a Guinness at the Tir Nan Og Irish pub. I swear, if you leave it in my hands I can find anywhere a beautiful spot to stop!

5). Peter and his siblings. Pete, his brother, and his sister live in various locations across the globe. On this wedding day they were able to reconnect as if not a day had passed. The three of them reverted to being little kids; reminiscing, teasing and laughing endlessly.

Runner Up). Pizza Bar! Late night pizza bar is everything wonderful in the world.

Here are some of my favourite pics:

001 002 003 004 005 006008007 009 010 011 012

016013015014 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 031 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040044041 042 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074

4 thoughts on “Congrats, Peter & Jenn!

  1. Dont know what settings I have on this,but only seeing these brill picsnow!Wow,they are fann,brought a tear to my eye,so beautiful!

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