Congrats, Bronwyn & Justin!

Bronwyn and Justin’s wedding day was a perfect mix of outdoor country and urban city. They held the ceremony at Bronwyn’s Aunt’s farm while the reception was held downtown at the Ottawa Police Association, this mix of country and city perfectly embodied the two of them as a couple.

Top five favourite things from this wedding:

1.) Tattoos. I have always loved a bride with some ink. I love how people’s tattoos bring a new dimension of shape and colour to photographs. I can photograph bits and pieces of their body and sometimes make a portrait just as personal as a headshot. Bronwyn and her bridesmaids had some beautiful pieces which gave a unique juxtaposition to the country dresses and floral bouquets that adorned them.

2.) Rain. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to think it okay when a wedding gets rained on. Well, this year has brought a lot of precipitation and I have learned to see the positive in it. The rain creates this glorious foggy light that makes grass look more saturated in colour, air acts as it’s own light source, and skin has a dewy glow. Beautiful.

3.) Groomsmen and Groomswomen. Justin had such a laid-back and helpful group of people on his side who were so easy for me to work with. Going to photograph them getting ready I couldn’t believe how relaxed everyone was, video games on, music playing, slowly but surely getting dressed. Photos were a breeze.

4.) The Celebrant. Bronwyn and Justin’s very good friend, Julia, had the honour of marrying the couple on their wedding day. Julia is a part-time celebrant who specializes in making every ceremony personal to the couple whom she is marrying.This ceremony was extra special for her because she has known Bronwyn for decades. Their connection was apparent during the ceremony, making it all the more special. (

5.) Jeep. Bronwyn and Justin are huge Jeep fans, owning a silver Jeep themselves. They made sure to incorporate this unique interest in a few aspects of their wedding including their wedding cake. This cake was created by the talented Mandi of Auntie Loo’s Bakery and showed a scene of a Jeep doing a burnout, spraying mud (chocolate) up the side of an elegant three-tiered wedding cake adorned by delicate purple flowers. Delicious, and unique.


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