Congrats, Michelle & Brian!

As I spend the winter months catching up on things and finishing editing, I find myself reflecting on weddings from last year which I never had the time to blog about.

This wedding was held in the bright yellows of late October at Lago Bar and Grill on Dow’s Lake. It was so beautiful, not only because it celebrated the relationship of Brian and Michelle, but also because of the way it celebrated Family. Michelle’s father passed away due to cancer when she was a little girl, and while some might see this as a reason to mourn his presence on this important day in his daughter’s life, this family chose to honour him. His presence was felt throughout the entire day, from beginning to end, as I’m sure it is felt everyday in Michelle’s life.

My top five favourite things from this day:

1.) A greeting from the past. A very intense way to begin this day, Michelle received a card written by her father intended for her to open on her wedding day. This card was kept safe for Michelle all of these years without her knowing of it’s existence. Red Roses accompanied the card, and at her father’s request one was kept in Michelle’s bouquet for her to carry. Needless to say hearing directly from her father was a wonderful and magical moment I’m sure she could never forget.

2.) Black and White. Michelle and Brian looked sleek and elegant in their colour scheme of black and white. The men wore black and white tuxes while the ladies wore black lace and carried white roses. Everyone and everything looked so sharp, it was such a great and unique colour choice which only got better as we went outside for photos against the vibrance of the fall leaves.

3.) Pub Italia. After spending some time doing photos along the water and among the leaves, the three of us went down to Pub Italia in Little Italy where Brian and Michelle have great memories. After grabbing some photos of them, I left Brian and Michelle to sit alone together at the bar, decompress, and have a drink before heading back to begin their reception.

4.) First Dances. After Brian and Michelle’s beautiful first dance, Brian had a dance with his mother, and Michelle had a first dance with her mother and older brother; both of whom also walked her down the aisle. It was amazing to see how close this family is and how supported Michelle was on her day.

5.) Humour. From cake cutting to the speeches, dancing, and the peanut gallery during photos, this group definitely offered up the humour at every chance. Laughter is so important in every relationship; be it friendship, family, and especially marriage. I think these guys have figured this out early 🙂

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