A Winter Engagement

Winter photo sessions are more rare than other seasons, which is a shame because they are so beautiful and so much fun to shoot. In the winter the world around you can be completely interacted with. Once you no longer look at snow as something to dislike, but rather something to play with, everything around you becomes a toy. These two completely love this side of the season and made full use of the fresh snow we were given. They had moments of goofiness, hilarity, tenderness, sweetness, and overall love; all of which were a pleasure for me to chase with my camera.

By ending our session with their favourite Starbucks drinks to warm up, we went from kids back to adults. (But, not fully, as Cobus had enough caramel, sugar and whipped cream on his “coffee” that I’m not sure I can consider it an adult drink) 🙂

Can’t wait for the wedding!

Some of my favs:



a04 a05 a07a08 a09 a12 a13 a14 a15 a16 a17 a18 a19 a21 a22


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