Congrats, Steph & Chad!

To give you an idea of the type of hilarity it is when speaking with Stephanie, I received the following email from her when she first inquired about wedding photography: “I think your stuff is the shit! Love!! the jack loves mary website…beaut!!!” I think this gives a great example of Steph and Chad as a couple; warm, funny and unpredictable.

Although we spoke about their wedding in the heat and humidity of summer in ontario, they had visions of the exact opposite season. The dream was an outdoor, snow-filled wedding, and this is definitely what they got.

Top five favourite things:

1) Maid of honour with a broken ankle. Stephanie’s Maid of Honour unfortunately broke her ankle within weeks leading up to the wedding. She could have made it a big deal but opted to be completely casual about it. She had crutches with her but chose not to use them to bring any attention to herself, and with her long gown was able to hide it. As I was schlepping these girls through the snow to take their photos she marched along with us with absolutely not a peep. She walked down the aisle, gave a great entrance and toast, and even danced. What a trooper.

2) One Last Photo as an engaged couple. Steph and Chad are the type of couple that were very laid back in their wedding plans. Not too fussed on the details but wanted to make sure that everyone had a good time. So, when Steph did give me a specific shot she wanted to get I knew it meant a lot to her. Before the ceremony started, Steph wanted to get a photo with both she and Chad within the frame together, without actually seeing one another. Their venue location allowed for just this image as there was an upstairs landing where Chad could stand, while Stephanie stood on the ground below. Moments before heading down the aisle, they got one last photo together before they were officially married.

3) Outdoor Winter Ceremony. I feel like I go on about how much I love winter weddings, but I really do. They are so unique and offer a completely different experience than other seasons. Not only did Steph and Chad know that they wanted a winter wedding, they also wanted their ceremony outdoors. Their wedding day was mild and snowy, with little wind, which allowed the bridal party and guests to witness this wedding outdoors comfortably. This was a great treat for me as the ceremony images offer a calmness and distinct beauty that only the winter season can provide.

4) Family photos. Stephanie and Chad’s families provided the most entertaining period of family photos I have ever experienced. Quickly realising it would be impossible for any of them to keep a straight face, I went with it and got some absolutely hilarious photos of this group which really represent the fun they have together.

5) Cutting the cake. Steph and Chad had a beautiful wintery themed wedding cake and, true to tradition, cut it together during the reception. They each cut a tiny piece, Steph turned to feed Chad while Chad just shoved his entire piece in his mouth, chewed happily, and said “It’s really good!” Leaving Steph to laugh and shrug with her piece still in her hand.​
Runner Up: When Steph came down the aisle approaching Chad she exclaimed “Oh my God, I love you so much, Babe!” It was a moment of pure genuine emotion, absolutely adorable.
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