Blaire & Dave are engaged!

Although these two live in the heart of downtown Toronto, they have a big soft spot for peaceful green-space. For our rainy spring afternoon of photos we met at Blaire’s Uncle’s beautiful farmhouse down a dirt road in the heart of the country. Umbrellas on hand, wandering the fields and barns, I got to capture the love between this joyful couple in an absolutely gorgeous setting.

Here are some favourites:

Blaire & Dave_005 bl Blaire & Dave_007 bl Blaire & Dave_017

Blaire & Dave_026 Blaire & Dave_054 bl Blaire & Dave_034

Blaire & Dave_021-BWBlaire & Dave_028 bl

Blaire & Dave_045 Blaire & Dave_044

Blaire & Dave_046Blaire & Dave_048-BW Blaire & Dave_040

Blaire & Dave_088 Blaire & Dave_079

Blaire & Dave_068 Blaire & Dave_077 Blaire & Dave_084 bl Blaire & Dave_082-BW

Blaire & Dave_081

Blaire & Dave_087-BW

Blaire & Dave_091-BWBlaire & Dave_095 bl

Blaire & Dave_099 Blaire & Dave_101 Blaire & Dave_109 Blaire & Dave_096 bl

Blaire & Dave_117 Blaire & Dave_118-BW Blaire & Dave_119-BW Blaire & Dave_127-BW

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