Congrats, Erin & Andrew!

Erin and Andrew had a warm Spring wedding day among the blossoms and fresh green grass. Having travelled to multiple countries around the globe together, they chose a travel theme throughout their wedding day. This theme was perfectly executed thanks to Brittany (at in the form of globes, vintage luggage, compasses and maps adorning every last inch of their reception space right down to their cake.

Top five favourite things:

1) Humour. Every time Erin, Andrew and I met to talk about their wedding plans one thing was clear: they do not take themselves too seriously. They themselves are funny, this is clear, but also their group of friends are funny, their families are funny and their colleagues are funny. They favoured photos which showed this side of themselves and their wedding party, leaving me to have fun with it and think of crazy things to make people laugh.

2) Erin’s Father’s Service Dog, Dill. Dill is the sweetest dog. He is a member of the family and someone who watched over the day and all of the guests, enjoying the party and the company. At times I felt as if I was doing a photo story more on Dill than anything else!

3) Blossoms. I have to say my favourite visual element for Springtime are the tree blossoms. In Ontario, the blossoms are sometimes fleeting and only last a few days, other years we have them for longer. No matter what, they are very unpredictable and hard to plan for (I have tried many a photoshoot!) Erin and Andrew completely lucked out as their wedding day was smack in the middle of full-bloom Spring flowers. Every tree on the grounds of Billings Bridge Estate was fluffy and pink, snowing petals down all day long.

4) Facial Hair. Andrew and his groomsmen took their roles very seriously and chose not to shave in honour of the wedding. They all produced giant beards aside from one who opted for a moustache, and one groomsmen who, well, couldn’t produce. This theme of facial hair came up so many times leading up to the wedding day and on the wedding day we had some fun with it in the photos as well. 🙂

5) Beer. Andrew and two of his groomsmen brew their own beer which they proudly served at the wedding. Their passion for beer and brewing shone through in Andrew’s groomsmen gifts, giant beer pong game, red solo cups and proudly displayed draft beer bar.

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One thought on “Congrats, Erin & Andrew!

  1. Brand new love just sparkles. You’ve got the real thing. Hang on to it and always remember this beautiful day. Warmest regards, Laurel and Mark Tye

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