Continuing a Family

Making and continuing families is an amazing aspect of life. Two years ago when a loving couple was not able to bring a child into the world they turned to a surrogate. That surrogate was Amy. After some chats, exchanges, tries, Amy finally came to carry and deliver a little girl, allowing this family to grow to three members.

Now here we are, two years later, at the birth of this little girl’s sister, who was also carried and delivered by Amy. She arrived happy and healthy, earlier than expected, to finally meet and complete her family.

Moments of the day:

Amy_Inger Helen_01bl Amy_Inger Helen_03 Amy_Inger Helen_05 Amy_Inger Helen_06 Amy_Inger Helen_07 Amy_Inger Helen_09 Amy_Inger Helen_11 Amy_Inger Helen_14 Amy_Inger Helen_15

Amy_Inger Helen_13blAmy_Inger Helen_17 Amy_Inger Helen_18 Amy_Inger Helen_19 Amy_Inger Helen_20 Amy_Inger Helen_24 Amy_Inger Helen_25 Amy_Inger Helen_26 Amy_Inger Helen_27 Amy_Inger Helen_28 Amy_Inger Helen_30 Amy_Inger Helen_38 Amy_Inger Helen_44 Amy_Inger Helen_45 Amy_Inger Helen_47 Amy_Inger Helen_54 Amy_Inger Helen_56

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