Congrats, Heidi & Greg!

When I first met with Heidi and Greg, a few things were clear. 1. They are very much in love and in sync with each other. 2. They had a clear vision for how they wanted their wedding day to be; relaxed, fun, natural and low-key, just like them.

Top five favourite things:

1.) First Look. The “First Look’ is becoming more frequent these days as couples are preferring to have a private moment, alone, in order to see one another before the ceremony. Heidi and Greg not only had a first look after they were dressed and ready, they also met up during the morning in-between hair, makeup and all of the goings-on. A very cute moment was when they both said the same thing to me, but at different moments. The sentence “I’ve had more phone calls today, than any other day of my life” was said to me, by both Heidi and Greg, at different times in the morning. See? I said they were in sync.

2.) Priorities. Every bride and groom need to prioritize what is important to them on their wedding day. For these two it was ceremony, time with loved ones, and atmosphere. Their ceremony was personal and emotional, (lead by celebrant extraordinaire, Julia Kiska,, they opted out of floral arrangements and bouquets, made their own cake and cupcakes, and as avid campers and hikers, their decor perfectly circled the outdoors.

3.) Shoes Off! When Heidi landed at the top of the aisle for the ceremony, her legs were so wobbly she just had to kick her red pumps off of her feet, and land on solid ground. I love moments like this.

4.) Wagon Rides. When hosting a wedding, Saunder’s Farm offers many activities and fun on their grounds for all in attendance. There is a bouncy pad, ship wreck playground, corn mazes and wagon rides. Greg, Heidi and their wedding guests enjoyed all of these activities, including a wagon ride in the late afternoon when I tagged along, for the sake of photos of course 😉

5.) Sandy. One of Heidi’s bridesmaids, such pure fun and laughter, all day long. Thank you for making my job so easy, Sandy!

Highlights of the day:

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