Congrats, Rob & Julia!

These two are sweet, soft-spoken, very smart, and very funny. Their wedding day was the same!

My top five favourite things from their day:

1) Long Veil. Julia’s mother reeeaaalllyyy wanted her to wear a very long train. Julia was not into this idea. She hit the middle-ground perfectly and wore a long cathedral veil which looked beautiful on her; trailing behind her down the aisle, and later when the wind lifted it outside by the Rideau Canal.

2) High School. Julia’s two high school best friends, and now bridesmaids, were reminiscing about all of the sleepovers they had in Julia’s purple bedroom in her mother’s house where they all got ready. It was amazing for me to watch them get Julia into her wedding dress in this same room, years later.

3) Milestone’s. We made a stop at Milestone’s Restaurant on Rideau Street for a drink post-ceremony, pre-reception. This happened to be where Julia and Rob had their very first date. To make things even cuter, I grabbed a snap of them sitting in the exact same booth, years later on their wedding day 🙂

4) Before and After. Another before and after we executed was recreating a shot I took of them from last November during our engagement session on the steps of St. Anthony’s church where they would be married the following year.

5) Julia, the trooper. Julia didn’t feel well during their reception. She did not let this hinder her fun as she ignored any ill feelings by dancing, (attempting) to eat, mingling and overall enjoying herself.

R&J_Julia Getting Ready_011 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_015 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_023 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_028 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_031 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_037 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_043 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_050 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_061 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_062 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_066 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_071 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_075 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_080 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_098 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_102 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_104 R&J_Julia Getting Ready_106

R&J_Rob Getting Ready_01 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_02 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_20 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_26 R&J_Rob Getting Ready_40

R&J_Ceremony_022 R&J_Ceremony_023 R&J_Ceremony_025 R&J_Ceremony_029 R&J_Ceremony_032 R&J_Ceremony_045 R&J_Ceremony_046 R&J_Ceremony_065 R&J_Ceremony_079 R&J_Ceremony_092

R&J_Portraits_014 R&J_Portraits_022 R&J_Portraits_030 R&J_Portraits_040 R&J_Portraits_042 R&J_Portraits_045 R&J_Portraits_051 R&J_Portraits_052 R&J_Portraits_053 R&J_Portraits_058 R&J_Portraits_070 R&J_Portraits_073 R&J_Portraits_077 R&J_Portraits_085 R&J_Portraits_097 R&J_Portraits_098 R&J_Portraits_103 R&J_Portraits_105 R&J_Portraits_113 R&J_Portraits_115 R&J_Portraits_120

R&J_Reception_010 R&J_Reception_016 R&J_Reception_020 R&J_Reception_039 R&J_Reception_042 R&J_Reception_046 R&J_Reception_057 R&J_Reception_068 R&J_Reception_078 R&J_Reception_082 R&J_Reception_084

R&J_Reception_106 R&J_Reception_107 R&J_Reception_114 R&J_Reception_119 R&J_Reception_121 R&J_Reception_152 R&J_Reception_162 R&J_Reception_172 R&J_Reception_186 R&J_Reception_213 R&J_Reception_215 R&J_Reception_216 R&J_Reception_219 R&J_Reception_220 R&J_Reception_225 R&J_Reception_227 R&J_Reception_258 R&J_Reception_260 R&J_Reception_262

R&J_Ceremony_119 R&J_Ceremony_120


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