Sneak Peek: Blaire & Dave

Blaire and Dave had a beautiful late-autumn wedding day, surrounded by perfect weather and colourful leaves at a sugarbush in Rigaud, Quebec. Their ring-bearer was Dave’s Grandfather, and both of their grandmothers signed the marriage license as opposed to the best man and maid of honour. Every last detail and moment was absolutely full of love.

Here is a sneak peek of their day:
B&D_Sneak Peek-01B&D_Sneak Peek-02B&D_Sneak Peek-04B&D_Sneak Peek-05B&D_Sneak Peek-06B&D_Sneak Peek-07B&D_Sneak Peek-08B&D_Sneak Peek-09B&D_Sneak Peek-10B&D_Sneak Peek-11B&D_Sneak Peek-12B&D_Sneak Peek-13B&D_Sneak Peek-14B&D_Sneak Peek-16B&D_Sneak Peek-17B&D_Sneak Peek-18B&D_Sneak Peek-20B&D_Sneak Peek-21B&D_Sneak Peek-22B&D_Sneak Peek-23B&D_Sneak Peek-24B&D_Sneak Peek-25B&D_Sneak Peek-26B&D_Sneak Peek-27B&D_Sneak Peek-28B&D_Sneak Peek-29B&D_Sneak Peek-30B&D_Sneak Peek-31B&D_Sneak Peek-32B&D_Sneak Peek-33B&D_Sneak Peek-34

B&D_Group Photo FunnyB&D_Sneak Peek-35B&D_Sneak Peek-36B&D_Sneak Peek-38B&D_Sneak Peek-40B&D_Sneak Peek-42B&D_Sneak Peek-43B&D_Sneak Peek-46B&D_Sneak Peek-48B&D_Sneak Peek-49B&D_Sneak Peek-50B&D_Sneak Peek-51B&D_Sneak Peek-55B&D_Sneak Peek-56B&D_Sneak Peek-57B&D_Sneak Peek-58B&D_Sneak Peek-59B&D_Sneak Peek-60B&D_Sneak Peek-61B&D_Sneak Peek-62B&D_Sneak Peek-63B&D_Sneak Peek-65B&D_Sneak Peek-66B&D_Sneak Peek-54B&D_Sneak Peek-68B&D_Sneak Peek-69B&D_Sneak Peek-70B&D_Sneak Peek-71B&D_Sneak Peek-72B&D_Sneak Peek-73B&D_Sneak Peek-75B&D_Sneak Peek-76B&D_Sneak Peek-77

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