Beth and Adam are Engaged

You cannot help but smile and be in a good mood when around these two – they are the sweetest, funniest, and most positive people I have ever met. In order to celebrate their engagement we went back to the place where Adam proposed  for a picnic and some playtime with their pup, then moved to the beach to watch the winter surfers and sunset. All in all, a great day in Bayfield, Ontario!

Here are some of my favourites:


Beth & Adam Are Engaged_10Beth & Adam Are Engaged_14Beth & Adam Are Engaged_02Beth & Adam Are Engaged_04Beth & Adam Are Engaged_18Beth & Adam Are Engaged_27Beth & Adam Are Engaged_32Beth & Adam Are Engaged_35Beth & Adam Are Engaged_41Beth & Adam Are Engaged_49Beth & Adam Are Engaged_55Beth & Adam Are Engaged_57Beth & Adam Are Engaged_58Beth & Adam Are Engaged_69Beth & Adam Are Engaged_63Beth & Adam Are Engaged_68Beth & Adam Are Engaged_73Beth & Adam Are Engaged_79Beth & Adam Are Engaged_87Beth & Adam Are Engaged_82Beth & Adam Are Engaged_90Beth & Adam Are Engaged_91Beth & Adam Are Engaged_94Beth & Adam Are Engaged_86Beth & Adam Are Engaged_92

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