I love doing newborn sessions as it is a totally different experience from any other session. It’s quiet, slow, relaxed and warm – everything is about Baby. Here are some of my favourite photos from recent winter newborn sessions, Enjoy!
001-Baby Ray-54 Baby Oscar_44Baby Bow_11-BWBaby Bow_31fb 004-Baby Iden_7-22-2015_24 005-Baby Bow_17  018-Baby Keith_22007-Baby Ray-52 008-Baby Willow_16 Baby Iden_7-22-2015_11-BW011-Baby Iden_7-22-2015_04 009-Baby Ray-31 013-Baby Keith_29 Baby Oscar_56-BW010-Baby Willow_09014-Baby Keith_07 015-Baby Keith_20 016-Baby Bow_38 022-Baby Bow_23 020-Baby Willow_01 021-Baby Ray-27Baby Oscar_36019-Baby Bow_25-BWfb

2 thoughts on “Babies!

  1. These are absolutely adorable. I love the ones with the puppies. Of course, anything Kaja touches is golden.

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