Sneak Peek: Kat & Jon

Kat and Jon were married at the Ramada on the Rideau on a sunny and crisp April day. I couldn’t wait to share some of my favourites so far!

01_002_K&J_Sneak Peek_0303_404_K&J_Sneak Peek_0405_K&J_Sneak Peek_0706_K&J_Sneak Peek_0907_K&J_Sneak Peek_1008_K&J_Sneak Peek_1109_K&J_Sneak Peek_1210_311_K&J_Sneak Peek_14K&J_Sneak Peek_16K&J_Sneak Peek_1812_113_K&J_Sneak Peek_2215_K&J_Sneak Peek_2116_517_718_K&J_Sneak Peek_3019_K&J_Sneak Peek_3120_627_K&J_Sneak Peek_4032_K&J_Sneak Peek_5024_K&J_Sneak Peek_4125_K&J_Sneak Peek_4322_K&J_Sneak Peek_3723_K&J_Sneak Peek_3828_K&J_Sneak Peek_4229_921_K&J_Sneak Peek_3231_K&J_Sneak Peek_3630_K&J_Sneak Peek_51K&J_Sneak Peek_5233_K&J_Sneak Peek_5434_1035_K&J_Sneak Peek_5536_K&J_Sneak Peek_5737_K&J_Sneak Peek_5838_K&J_Sneak Peek_6339_K&J_Sneak Peek_6040_K&J_Sneak Peek_6541_K&J_Sneak Peek_6642_1143_K&J_Sneak Peek_6944_K&J_Sneak Peek_6745_K&J_Sneak Peek_6846_K&J_Sneak Peek_7247_K&J_Sneak Peek_6448_K&J_Sneak Peek_7350_K&J_Sneak Peek_7551_K&J_Sneak Peek_7652_K&J_Sneak Peek_7753_K&J_Sneak Peek_7854_K&J_Sneak Peek_7955_K&J_Sneak Peek_80


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