Three mothers, Three maternity sessions.

When planning a maternity session I love to get to know mom’s unique story and make sure it comes through in their photo session. Every family is different, which means every session is different, which means every outcome is different! This is a beautiful thing!
I recently had three maternity sessions shot within the same week and loved how each one is so different from the next, and wanted to share.

Alicia and Travis have lots to celebrate right now. They just bought a new house, they are expecting their first child and they are newlyweds (I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding last year). Alicia is sweet and kind with a quiet humour, she wanted to capture this time in their lives in a natural and organic way.
Here are some favourites from her session:

Alicia & Travis Maternity-02Alicia & Travis Maternity-diptych-2Alicia & Travis Maternity-16Alicia & Travis Maternity-diptych-3Alicia & Travis Maternity-55Alicia & Travis Maternity-50Alicia & Travis Maternity-40Alicia & Travis Maternity-diptych-1Alicia & Travis Maternity-61Alicia & Travis Maternity-diptych-4

Jill has two boys (now three!) who are busy, strong, and full of energy. Jill herself is an outdoorsy woman who loves all things “girl” but is heavily outnumbered by all of the rambunctious boys in her house.  For someone who spends her days focusing on her family, we wanted to make this session all about her and her journey as a mother.
Here are some favourites from her session:

02_Jill Maternity31_Jill Maternity47_Jill Maternity14_Jill Maternity08_Jill Maternity fb46_Jill Maternity fb40_Jill Maternity28_Jill Maternity07_Jill Maternity18_Jill Maternity43_Jill Maternity17_Jill Maternity26_Jill Maternity

Steph wanted to use her love for baking to both announce that she is expecting her second child as well as celebrate the relationship she has with her daughter. This fun idea was an opportunity to get creative, and to capture the sweet moments between herself and her little girl using an activity they both enjoy.
Here are some favourite from her session:

Baking & Babies_Sharpe_27sqBaking & Babies_Sharpe_29Baking & Babies_Sharpe_30Baking & Babies_Sharpe_32 dBaking & Babies_Sharpe_34Baking & Babies_Sharpe_35Baking & Babies_Sharpe_38 sqBaking & Babies_Sharpe_39Baking & Babies_Sharpe_42dBaking & Babies_Sharpe_44Baking & Babies_Sharpe_48Baking & Babies_Sharpe_47Baking & Babies_Sharpe_54Baking & Babies_Sharpe_57sqBaking & Babies_Sharpe_58Baking & Babies_Sharpe_60Baking & Babies_Sharpe_66Baking & Babies_Sharpe_73Baking & Babies_Sharpe_75Baking & Babies_Sharpe_61sq


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