Congrats, Beth & Adam!

Beth and Adam were married in the small Southern Ontario town of Kingsville on a beautiful Spring day.

Top five favourite things from their wedding:

1.) Honouring Beth’s father. Although Beth was without her father on her wedding day after his unexpected passing a few years ago, she found the sweetest and subtlest ways to include his memory and honour his presence. A photo of him as an Olympic Torch runner accompanied her as she got ready and prepared to go down the aisle, so she knew he was cheering her on. A small locket of his smiling face was attached to her bouquet and kept close. Instead of a father-daughter dance she danced with all of the important men in her life who support her, each taking a turn to cut in and take her for a spin. Beautiful.

2.) Siblings. Beth and her brother, and Adam and his sister, are so close it is inspiring to watch. When Beth’s brother Tyler saw her all dressed up and ready to walk down the aisle, their emotional embrace left every witness misty-eyed.

3.) Music. Adam happens to be an amazing wedding DJ who knows the importance of music to set the tone. Whether is was the ceremony procession or the party get-down, each song was perfectly paired with the setting.

4.) MOH Speech. During Beth’s Maid of Honour speech she brought out a blown-up photo of Beth as a little girl all dressed up as a bride, and on the flip side was her also as a little girl, all dressed up as an expecting mother – so cute!

5.) Late-Night Snack. S’More Station and Poutine Bar with every topping imaginable, need we say more?

Some highlights from their day:

01_001_014_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-06902_003_003_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-02003_005_005_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-02604_007_007_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-03106_015_016_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-07507_019_020_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-09408_020_021_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-10409_021_023_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11010_022_024_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11211_023_025_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-11712_025_027_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-12413_026_028_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-12914_027_029_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-13115_028_030_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-13616_030_032_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-15718_032_035_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-17119_037_040_A&B_Beth Getting Ready-18220_038_041_A&B_Ceremony-01122_043_046_A&B_Ceremony-05923_045_048_A&B_Ceremony-06524_046_049_A&B_Ceremony-06625_048_051_A&B_Ceremony-07427_050_053_A&B_Ceremony-08228_053_056_A&B_Ceremony-08729_058_061_A&B_Ceremony-12730_059_062_A&B_Ceremony-14631_063_066_A&B_Portraits-02532_064_067_A&B_Portraits-02933_065_068_A&B_Portraits-03334_066_069_A&B_Portraits-03935_067_070_A&B_Portraits-04936_068_071_A&B_Portraits-05237_083_086_A&B_Portraits-12138_069_072_A&B_Portraits-05839_071_074_A&B_Portraits-06540_075_078_A&B_Portraits-08045_084_087_A&B_Portraits-11942_077_080_A&B_Portraits-08946_086_089_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-00247_090_093_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-01450_095_098_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-08851_096_099_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09052_097_100_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09253_092_095_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-06054_098_101_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-09955_099_102_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-10156_103_106_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-12457_104_107_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-13058_100_103_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-10859_105_108_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-14660_107_110_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-18961_101_104_A&B_Dinner & Speeches-11362_109_112_A&B_Reception-00463_110_113_A&B_Reception-00864_112_115_A&B_Reception-01465_113_116_A&B_Reception-02266_115_118_A&B_Reception-03667_114_117_A&B_Reception-03269_121_124_A&B_Reception-06970_129_132_A&B_Reception-11171_130_133_A&B_Reception-11472_119_122_A&B_Reception-05373_120_123_A&B_Reception-05674_124_127_A&B_Reception-08775_125_128_A&B_Reception-09076_127_130_A&B_Reception-09277_123_126_A&B_Reception-07849_078_081_A&B_Portraits-090

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