Congrats, Erika & Dave! (& Sawyer)

Erika and Dave were married in a tiny white church down a long road, they had a first look that still makes me cry.
Top five favourite things from this wedding day:

1.) The Little White Church. The beautiful church where Erika and Dave were married has personal connection, history and meaning to Dave’s family, it looks like it is out of a movie set, an absolutely idyllic piece of the world.

2.) First Look. First looks, whether they be at the top of the aisle during a ceremony, or pre-arranged at a location, always make me emotional. The heightened moment between Erika and Dave was so full of love, not just between the two of them, but also with their son Sawyer, myself and my second shooter Kamara were shooting through tears. When Sawyer turnedĀ around in his dad’s arms and saw his mom all dressed up walking toward them, he reached up his little hand and gave her a wave and a smile, a moment that was so simple and beautiful. Once Erika and Dave saw one another, their faces said it all.

3.) Salt of the Earth. “Basic, fundamental goodness” is the definition of Salt of the Earth, and perfectly describes Dave and Erika, as well as their loved ones. Such positive, not over-the-top, nothing to prove, pure love for one another people. I am so happy to have met them.

4.) Luxury Vehicle. Always fun to see the vehicle of choice used on a wedding day. A limousine, boat, van, Honda Civic or Rolls Royce – anything goes. For Erika and Dave, there was a little moment where we weren’t sure if the old convertible Buick they drove would actually get going, but once it roared up it was such a fun and perfect ride into the sunset.

5.) Expecting/Love/Expectations. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, right? This is so not the case for majority of couples these days as love brings us all kinds of gifts and surprises. One of my favourite moments of their day is when Erika and Dave quietly told me that Sawyer’s little sibling was also there with us, growing inside of Erika’s tummy.

Some of my favourites:
02_02_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-02003_03_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-02304_04_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-03905_05_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-04206_06_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-04607_07_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-09508_08_D&E_Dave Getting Ready-10709_09_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-00410_10_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-04411_11_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-05713_13_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-08414_14_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-08715_15_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-09516_16_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10417_17_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10718_18_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-10919_19_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-12224_23_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-149b25_24_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-13626_25_D&E_Erika Getting Ready-16127_D&E_First Look-0228_D&E_First Look-0429_26_D&E_First Look-0630_27_D&E_First Look-0531_28_D&E_First Look-0732_29_D&E_First Look-0934_31_D&E_First Look-1135_32_D&E_First Look-1236_33_D&E_First Look-1437_34_D&E_First Look-1639_36_D&E_First Look-2040_37_D&E_First Look-2141_38_D&E_First Look-2442_39_D&E_Photos on the Farm-02943_40_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03244_41_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03545_42_D&E_Photos on the Farm-03646_43_D&E_Photos on the Farm-05747_44_D&E_Photos on the Farm-07048_45_D&E_Photos on the Farm-09249_46_D&E_Photos on the Farm-10050_47_D&E_Photos on the Farm-10851_48_D&E_Photos on the Farm-123b54_51_D&E_Photos on the Farm-12455_52_D&E_Photos on the Farm-13456_53_D&E_Ceremony-00157_54_D&E_Ceremony-00358_55_D&E_Ceremony-00959_56_D&E_Ceremony-01060_57_D&E_Ceremony-01861_58_D&E_Ceremony-03262_59_D&E_Ceremony-03963_60_D&E_Ceremony-03864_61_D&E_Ceremony-06965_62_D&E_Ceremony-07367_64_D&E_Ceremony-09168_65_D&E_Ceremony-09269_66_D&E_Ceremony-10370_67_D&E_Ceremony-10871_68_D&E_Ceremony-11672_69_D&E_Ceremony-12273_70_D&E_Ceremony-12874_71_D&E_Ceremony-13375_72_D&E_Ceremony-14776_73_D&E_Ceremony-16177_74_D&E_Ceremony-19078_75_D&E_Ceremony-19479_76_D&E_Ceremony-20580_77_D&E_Ceremony-21381_78_D&E_Ceremony-21482_79_D&E_Just Married-00183_80_D&E_Just Married-00784_81_D&E_Just Married-02385_82_D&E_Just Married-02487_84_D&E_Just Married-02788_85_D&E_Just Married-03589_86_D&E_Just Married-02990_87_D&E_Just Married-03191_88_D&E_Just Married-03892_89_D&E_Just Married-04593_90_D&E_Just Married-04294_91_D&E_Just Married-05995_92_D&E_Just Married-063

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