Introducing . . .

Since starting Jack Loves Mary in 2010 I have had lots of help along the way. A roster of talented second photographers to help at weddings, getting the groom’s face as I get the bride’s during those first moments of seeing one another as she walks towards him, those who help wrangle the children during family photos, who simply lend a helping hand to carry an umbrella over the bride, the one to remember the extra batteries, the one to take the reigns as I run to the bathroom. I am so grateful to these amazing people, giving their time and talent to Jack Loves Mary.

I never thought I would see the day that I would mesh so well with another photographer that I would happily and confidently hand my clients over to them. This day has arrived. Kamara, (who also shares a challenging ‘K’ name which serendipitously sounds like “camera”) has been working for Jack Loves Mary for almost two years now, starting as an assistant, then second shooter, then editor and organizer – and now takes on full Jack Loves Mary photo sessions. When I first shot with Kamara, it felt meant to be. Often we don’t have to use words to communicate; I go left, and she goes right, I go wide, and she goes tight – in the end, sometimes our vibe is so alike and we compliment each other so well that I feel as though it is meant to be. We are now at a point in time where some of our clients specifically ask for her to be their photographer for their family sessions. This could not make me more proud! For those of you who have met her and worked with her, you know what I’m talking about. She is hilarious, passionate, creative and as positive as can be!

I wanted to officially welcome Kamara on board as a Jack Loves Mary photographer by sharing some of her fabulous images shot for JLM over this past year:



Thank you Kamara for all of your hard work and support of Jack Loves Mary! Here’s to many more years to come
– Kaja.



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