Congrats, Amber & Nathan!

Starting at Rothwell United Church for their ceremony, moving onto The Lord Elgin and Mackenzie King bridge for photos, and ending with their reception at the Army Officers’ Mess, Amber and Nathan had a classic Ottawa wedding day.
Here are my five favourite things from their day:

1.) “It’s like raaaaain on your wedding day”…Alanis got this whole thing wrong. Rain can happen and did happen to Amber and Nathan on their wedding day. However, a change in attitude made this happenstance a positive one. When I asked Amber how she was feeling about the rain she said “If it rains during photo time, we will dance in it.” And with that, they have some of the most beautiful wedding portraits because nothing could stop them from enjoying their wedding day.

2.) Great Gatsby. This was the underlying vibe of Amber and Nathan’s wedding day and was subtly yet perfectly executed by creating an atmosphere, rather than overtly pulling from the 1920’s tale.

3.) What once was old is new again. Amber got her dress second-hand and reworked it to make it her own, changing details like adding jewelled straps. This helped her stay within the budget she had chosen, and also gave new life to a garment otherwise dormant.

4.) Venue. The Army Officers’ Mess is a historic building, with a mix of both quirky yet grandeur decor spread among multiple rooms – it was so much fun! Guests could find themselves in various areas of the same building, sometimes never in the same place twice.

5.) Walkabout. Sometimes my favourite way to do photos is to have no plan. And by that I mean taking the day as it comes with the couple trusting me to produce great photos, leaving me in complete creative mode. Amber and Nathan did just this.
I am someone who would rather react to something visually, react to the light, the mood, the emotion – than pre-plan it and pose people down to their pinky finger. This wedding day was such a great example of this as we wandered the streets and hotels of Ottawa, umbrellas in hand, capturing tender, funny, dramatic and simple moments between this beautiful couple.



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