Congrats, Nara & Andrew!

Andrew and Nara’s wedding day was just like them; welcoming, warm, fun, creative and full of music.

Top favourite things from their wedding day:

1.) Music & Dance. Music and dance are a huge part of Nara and Andrew’s lives, individually and as a couple. Nara said to me “Every musician you see on our wedding day we know and love” and this could not have been more true. Bagpipe players, fiddlers (young and old), guitarists, accordion players – this beautiful live music was prevalent throughout their day, and the dancing, of course, easily followed.

2.) Bride & Groom Fashion. Andrew in a Munro plaid kilt, sporran, kilt pin, tie, hose & brogues. Nara in a long-sleeved vintage lace gown, beaded belt, veil and red lip. They each brought their personal style to their wedding day, and as a couple looked simply amazing together.

3.) Rides. Nara and Andrew love vintage automobiles, which showed throughout their wedding day.  Andrew arranged for a friend’s vintage car, one which Nara loved, to pick her and her dad up for the ceremony. Andrew drove their old Firebird to the ceremony, and this also served as the “Just Married” car for Nara and Andrew. Aside from cars, Andrew is also a Harley Davidson fan and I was asked ahead of time about the possibility of doing photos with his Harley. Of course, I said “YES!”

4.) Photo Locations. When thinking of where to do their photos, we didn’t have to stray far from where this couple call home. Andrew and Nara live down a sun-speckled dirt road that they just love, with farmers fields and trees along either side. We had a relaxed wander around the area, snapping photos as we all walked. Natural, easy and fun 🙂

5.) DIY.  Nara and Andrew being so creative themselves, it’s no surprise that their circle of friends and family are chalk full of talent as well! Andrew’s mother did every last bit of decor for this wedding day, turning an empty reception hall into a homey space, filled with vintage details and beautiful personal touches. Nara being no stranger to doing hair and makeup for dance competitions did her own 40’s inspired look. The bridesmaid’s made their own bouquets of red roses, and Nara even made the party favours; a family recipe of shortbread cookies.

Some highlights from their day:

002-002-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-12003-003-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-23004-004-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-13005-005-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-17006-006-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-33007-007-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-55008-008-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-54010-009-N&A_Andrew Getting Ready-79009-098-N&A_Portraits-080011-010-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-001012-011-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-019013-012-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-029 new014-013-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-004019-018-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-052015-014-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-021020-019-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-053021-020-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-054023-022-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-065024-023-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-067025-024-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-076026-025-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-078027-026-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-080028-027-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-082029-028-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-089030-029-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-095032-034-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-111033-035-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-116034-036-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-118035-037-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-119036-039-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-129037-040-N&A_Nara Getting Ready-132038-041-N&A_Ceremony-001039-042-N&A_Ceremony-002040-043-N&A_Ceremony-019042-045-N&A_Ceremony-022043-046-N&A_Ceremony-035044-047-N&A_Ceremony-043045-048-N&A_Ceremony-049046-049-N&A_Ceremony-052047-050-N&A_Ceremony-056048-051-N&A_Ceremony-063049-052-N&A_Ceremony-066050-053-N&A_Ceremony-073051-054-N&A_Ceremony-070052-055-N&A_Ceremony-071053-056-N&A_Ceremony-080054-057-N&A_Ceremony-088055-058-N&A_Ceremony-087057-060-N&A_Ceremony-101060-063-N&A_Ceremony-113061-064-N&A_Ceremony-124062-065-N&A_Ceremony-125063-066-N&A_Ceremony-130064-067-N&A_Ceremony-131065-068-N&A_Ceremony-134066-069-N&A_Just Married-02067-070-N&A_Just Married-05068-071-N&A_Just Married-11069-072-N&A_Just Married-15070-073-N&A_Just Married-46071-074-N&A_Just Married-28072-075-N&A_Just Married-47073-076-N&A_Just Married-49074-077-N&A_Just Married-50075-078-N&A_Portraits-011076-079-N&A_Portraits-010077-080-N&A_Portraits-028078-081-N&A_Portraits-016080-083-N&A_Portraits-020081-084-N&A_Portraits-022082-085-N&A_Portraits-030083-086-N&A_Portraits-025086-089-N&A_Portraits-034088-091-N&A_Portraits-031089-093-N&A_Portraits-057090-094-N&A_Portraits-054091-095-N&A_Portraits-091092-096-N&A_Portraits-060093-097-N&A_Portraits-078094-099-N&A_Portraits-095098-103-N&A_Portraits-101100-105-N&A_Portraits-107101-106-N&A_Portraits-109102-107-N&A_Portraits-111103-108-N&A_Portraits-113104-109-N&A_Portraits-118105-111-N&A_Portraits-125106-110-N&A_Portraits-123107-112-N&A_Portraits-117108-113-N&A_Portraits-126109-114-N&A_Portraits-071111-116-N&A_Portraits-067112-117-N&A_Portraits-072113-118-N&A_Portraits-075114-119-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-001115-120-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-016116-121-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-010117-122-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-023118-123-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-024119-124-N&A_Details, Snacks & Speeches-029123-128-N&A_Reception-034124-129-N&A_Reception-035125-130-N&A_Reception-020126-N&A_Reception-014127-132-N&A_Reception-037128-134-N&A_Reception-085129-135-N&A_Reception-055130-136-N&A_Reception-057131-137-N&A_Reception-086132-N&A_Reception-021133-N&A_Reception-030135-140-N&A_Reception-105136-131-N&A_Reception-023137-141-N&A_Reception-109138-142-N&A_Reception-112139-143-N&A_Reception-122140-144-N&A_Reception-123141-138-N&A_Reception-093142-145-N&A_Reception-162143-146-N&A_Reception-132144-147-N&A_Reception-168



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