Congrats, Samantha & Dylan!

Not all weddings come in large packages. When Sammi and Dylan decided to get married they knew just how they wanted their wedding day to be: personal, intimate, spiritual and warm. So on a Tuesday afternoon in the backyard of Sammi’s mother’s home, they stood in a sacred circle and were married by Dylan’s mother. Witnessed by close family and friends, their ceremony was followed by a delicious lunch catered by Strawberry Blonde Bakery, barefoot dances in the grass, words of well wishes from all in attendance, and of course, so much love!

After saying “I do” and being covered in glitter by their guests, we took a quick walk around the block to snap some portraits of the happy couple.

Here are some of my favourite photos from their day:

01-01-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_01202-02-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_01903-03-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_03404-04-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_03805-05-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_04206-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_09107-06-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_07908-07-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_06609-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_05610-09-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_09211-10-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_09412-11-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_09513-12-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_0514-13-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_0316-15-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_4517-16-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_0918-17-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_2419-18-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_2520-19-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_1221-20-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_1722-21-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_2123-22-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_3924-23-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_5226-25-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_3327-26-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_3628-27-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_6015-14-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_0729-28-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_7030-29-Samantha & Dylan Portraits_7132-31-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_10333-32-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_10434-33-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_11835-34-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_10736-35-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_11737-36-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_12239-38-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_138Samantha & Dylan Get Married_12441-40-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_15142-41-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_15040-39-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_14743-42-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_16944-43-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_17045-44-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_17146-45-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_18047-46-Samantha & Dylan Get Married_181


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