Congrats, Alisha & Bryan!

Alisha and Bryan had a relaxed wedding day with family and friends who joined them from around the world.

My top five favourite things from this day:

1.) Make Your Own Rules. Alisha and Bryan didn’t have a wedding party as they wanted everyone in attendance on an equal level. I love when couples do what feels right to them, whatever the reason may be. There are no real “rules” to wedding planning, the most important thing is to make it true to who you are as a couple.

2.) Bride and Groom gifts. You can tell a couple is meant to be when they give one another seemingly random gifts (painting of a cat and Ancestry DNA Kit) which they, in turn, absolutely looove!

3.) Celebrant. Alisha and Bryan didn’t want a long ceremony, and it was important to them to have someone who they love marry them. In the end, this made their intimate ceremony that much more special to them.

4.) Pizza. Need I say more? Alisha and Bryan had Ottawa’s “Mobile Pizza All’Antica” food truck come to Orange Art Gallery to make delicious gourmet wood-fired pizzas onsite. I cannot describe how incredible these pizzas were, in the end, everyone at this wedding was FULL… yet, still found room for one more slice.

5.)  Photo Walkabout. Alisha and Bryan love graffiti and urban settings, so we planned to have a quick walk through some local Ottawa neighbourhoods after they said I do. We stopped when the graffiti and the light was right and it was so much fun to chase them through the city.

Here are some highlights from the day:

04-A&B-Getting Ready_0705-A&B-Getting Ready_1106-A&B-Getting Ready_1407-A&B-Getting Ready_1608-A&B-Getting Ready_2309-A&B-Getting Ready_3910-A&B-Getting Ready_4311-A&B-Getting Ready_5612-A&B-Getting Ready_5513-A&B-Getting Ready_64A&B-First Look & Ceremony_0114-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_0315-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_0716-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_0617-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_1618-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_2419-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_2320-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_3121-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_3222-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_4123-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_5224-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_5625-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_6426-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_7127-A&B-First Look & Ceremony_7528-A&B-Portraits_00629-A&B-Portraits_02330-A&B-Portraits_02531-A&B-Portraits_03132-A&B-Portraits_03237-A&B-Portraits_05038-A&B-Portraits_05735-A&B-Portraits_04336-A&B-Portraits_04439-A&B-Portraits_06341-A&B-Portraits_064A&B-Portraits_06842-A&B-Portraits_07543-A&B-Portraits_07944-A&B-Portraits_08145-A&B-Portraits_09646-A&B-Portraits_09047-A&B-Portraits_08448-A&B-Portraits_06549-A&B-Portraits_09750-A&B-Portraits_09851-A&B-Portraits_09452-A&B-Portraits_07756-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_03654-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_02353-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_00455-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_03857-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_04658-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_04959-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_04560-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_01561-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_05362-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_05863-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_06464-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_09165-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_09666-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_09767-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_06968-A&B-Portraits_01869-A&B-Speeches_1870-A&B-Speeches_1971-A&B-Speeches_4872-A&B-Speeches_7273-A&B-Speeches_6574-A&B-Speeches_5875-A&B-Party_5176-A&B-Party_1377-A&B-Party_4178-A&B-Party_7779-A&B-Party_5780-A&B-Party_6782-A&B-Party_8283-A&B-Party_8384-A&B-Cocktails, Details & Mingles_106

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