Congrats, Mila & Conor!

Mila and Conor had a fun, yet laid-back wedding day starting at their gorgeous home in Wakefield and ending at St.Stefan’s Serbian Orthodox Church and Centre in Ottawa.

Here are my top five favourite things from their wedding day:

1.) Blending Families. I don’t think it would be a common phrase; “Serbians are so much like the Irish.” However these two families and groups of friends have blended to the point that, aside from the accents, it’s hard to tell who is from Conor’s family, and who is from Mila’s. The group as a whole really had one goal in mind on Conor and Mila’s wedding day – and that was to celebrate Conor and Mila. (and to dance of course!)

2.) Surprise Irish Dance. By now you may have picked up on the fact that I love surprises. Maybe that’s because as a photographer, I love reactions! When Conor, his mother, and his sister came out to do a surprise Celtic dance, the crowd (and myself) reacted like the Lord of the Dance himself has just came in! Conor’s grandfather, by far, had the best reaction as he was so touched and excited to see this jig.

3.) Photos at Home. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: I can take wedding portraits anywhere. Give me some light, and a couple in love, and we are good to go. Mila and Conor are not ones for big productions, and didn’t want to go crazy on the bridal portraits. After we had plans to venture out to a traditional public space to do photos, I mentioned to Mila that their home, and their property, was much better. How perfect to do your wedding photos in the space that you share as a couple? Their beautiful home in Wakefield served as the perfect backdrop as I casually snuck photos of them, you know, just being in love.

4.) Tradition. Being from a Serbian family, Mila knew some things needed to be traditional. The ceremony, for example, was true to tradition, as was the Serbian band, the hip flask (buklija) was a staple, the pinning of the rosemary, and, of course, the delicious Serbian meal. One thing Mila was not expecting was for Conor to surprise her with yet another tradition. (Did I mention I love surprises?) He built Mila a flower arch which he waited for her underneath – and as old meets new, “buying of the bride” meets modern “first look” – it was perfect, and Mila’s face was priceless.

5.) Dancing and dancing, and more dancing. Before dinner was served, before family photos had begun, even before hair and makeup was anywhere near complete – there was dancing. Dancing to no music, dancing and singing, dancing to only the sound of the everpresent tambourine – this crew never stopped moving, and it was all kinds of fun!

Here are a few of my favourite photos and moments:

001-014-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-002_sm002-004-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-08_sm003-002-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-05_sm004-005-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-10_sm005-006-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-20_sm006-007-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-21_sm008-012-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-40_sm009-013-C&M_Conor Getting Ready-59_sm010-020-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-016_sm011-018-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-014_sm012-022-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-025_sm013-023-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-028_sm014-016-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-007_sm016-024-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-035_sm017-025-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-042_sm018-026-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-043_sm019-027-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-044_sm020-028-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-061_sm021-029-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-062_sm023-031-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-072_sm024-032-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-074_sm027-035-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-094_sm029-039-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-107_sm030-040-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-110_sm031-041-C&M_Mila Getting Ready-111_sm032-042-C&M_First Look-03_sm033-043-C&M_First Look-04_sm035-045-C&M_First Look-07_sm037-048-C&M_First Look-11_sm040-052-C&M_First Look-20_sm041-053-C&M_First Look-21_sm043-056-C&M_First Look-26_sm044-058-C&M_First Look-29_sm045-059-C&M_First Look-32_sm046-064-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-011_sm050-065-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-026_sm051-067-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-033_sm052-060-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-003_sm053-069-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-041_sm054-070-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-047_sm055-071-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-051_sm056-073-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-059_sm058-074-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-064_sm059-075-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-066_sm060-076-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-080_sm061-077-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-084_sm063-079-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-089_sm064-080-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-090_sm066-087-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-104_sm067-083-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-097_sm069-084-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-099_sm070-086-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-101_sm071-088-C&M_Pre-Ceremony & Portraits-115_sm073-091-C&M_Ceremony-002_sm074-093-C&M_Ceremony-007_sm076-094-C&M_Ceremony-020_sm077-096-C&M_Ceremony-023_sm078-095-C&M_Ceremony-022_sm079-097-C&M_Ceremony-029_sm080-100-C&M_Ceremony-043_sm081-101-C&M_Ceremony-051_sm082-102-C&M_Ceremony-054_sm083-104-C&M_Ceremony-056_sm084-103-C&M_Ceremony-055_sm085-098-C&M_Ceremony-031_sm086-105-C&M_Ceremony-058_sm087-106-C&M_Ceremony-061_sm088-107-C&M_Ceremony-062_sm089-108-C&M_Ceremony-063_sm090-112-C&M_Ceremony-083_sm091-111-C&M_Ceremony-075_sm092-110-C&M_Ceremony-074_sm093-113-C&M_Ceremony-089_sm096-116-C&M_Ceremony-127_sm097-117-C&M_Ceremony-132_sm098-118-C&M_Ceremony-135_sm099-119-C&M_Ceremony-138_sm101-125-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-009_sm102-128-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-016_sm103-141-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-082_sm104-124-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-008_sm105-134-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-032_sm106-131-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-024_sm107-133-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-027_sm108-135-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-047_sm110-146-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-101_sm111-137-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-054_sm112-138-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-056_sm113-150-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-143_sm115-172-C&M_Reception-017_sm116-152-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-145_sm117-154-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-148_sm118-155-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-149_sm119-156-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-162_sm120-157-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-165_sm121-158-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-166_sm122-159-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-177_sm123-160-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-178_sm125-162-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-181_sm126-163-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-182_sm127-166-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-194_sm129-169-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-204_sm130-167-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-197_sm131-164-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-183_sm132-165-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-184_sm133-178-C&M_Reception-044b_sm134-180-C&M_Reception-066_sm136-173-C&M_Reception-025_sm138-182-C&M_Reception-071_sm139-183-C&M_Reception-081_sm140-148-C&M_Details Dinner & Speeches-114_sm141-184-C&M_Reception-083_sm145-189-C&M_Reception-101_sm146-190-C&M_Reception-105_sm147-191-C&M_Reception-109_sm149-195-C&M_Reception-122_sm150-196-C&M_Reception-125_sm152-198-C&M_Reception-130_sm153-199-C&M_Reception-137_sm154-200-C&M_Reception-140_sm

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