Celebrating 2018

Two Thousand and Eighteen. What an amazing year! We witnessed love in all of it’s forms; connection, change, joy, family. That last one – family – holds endless meaning as this word can be defined in countless ways. No matter the form, we captured, and were a part of what family means to so many.
Not a day goes by that I, Kaja, am not full of gratitude to everyone who lets us come into their lives, their private moments, their homes, their hearts, all in order to help create their visual history. How unbelievably amazing!
On a personal note, I saw some changes of my own this year as my husband and I moved back to Ottawa from the Toronto area. This brought about it’s own obstacles and challenges, yet my clients and my camera continued to give further purpose and meaning to my life. Every single client becomes a person who shows me that the world and people are indeed inherently good. We are all looking for the same thing – Love, purpose, understanding. It is found all around us, whether it be through parents, siblings, friends, children, pets, partners and sometimes even strangers.
During the year of 2018 we photographed connections and celebrations in a flurry of passport stamps and odometer clicks on my beloved red Mazda. Globe-dotted celebratory locations included: Hawaii, Mexico, Vermont, the Dominican Republic, Oshawa, Toronto, Port Perry, Montreal, Ottawa and of course all of the beautiful Ontario locations in-between. This life is a beautiful one (even when it feels like it isn’t). I am sending out an eternal Thank You to everyone who supports Jack Loves Mary Photography.
Here is a small sample of some of my favourite images from 2018:

001-Before & After_01002-C&K-Portraits_089_Web Size003-Boyd Fam_09-28-2018_07004-C&K-Portraits_066_Web Size005-D&L-Portraits_83_Web Size005b-JD&Curtis_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-12006-04_Jenna & Trevor Are Engaged-21 sm007-C&K-Reception_089_Web Size009-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_120_WebSize011-Drew & Louise Are Engaged-04012-G&J-Celebrate_134_Web Size013-L&C-Ceremony_094-Web Size014-G&J-Jennifer Getting Ready_20_Web Size015-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_184_Web Size016-G&J-Reception_013_Web Size017-G&J-Reception_068_Web Size019-J&R_Dinner & Speeches-093_Web Size020-Jenna & Trevor Are Engaged-57 sm021-L&C-Ceremony_25_Web Size022-Dan&Isabelle_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-10023-L&C-Curtis Getting Ready_089-Web Size025-J&R_Portraits-113_Web Size026-M&P-Mermaids_38027-L&C-Portraits_076-Web Size028-Baby Hayes_08029-Baby Stella_37030-M&K-Ceremony-027_Web Size031-M&A-Ceremony_040_Web Size032-M&K-Ceremony_120_websize033-J&R_Portraits-017_Web Size034-L&C-Dinner & Speeches_090_Web Size035-Drew & Louise Are Engaged-58036-M&P-Ceremony_024_WebSize037-M&P-Ceremony_071_WebSize038-M&K-First Look-17_Web Size039-M&K-Kelly Getting Ready_065_WebSize040-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_077_WebSize041-M&K-Madison Getting Ready-104_Web Size042-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_105_WebSize043-M&K-Portraits_007_WebSize044-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_163_Web Size045-M&K-Kelly Getting Ready_055_WebSize046-L&C-Lyara Getting Ready_001-Web Size047-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_066_WebSize048-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_056_WebSize049-L&C-Lyara Getting Ready_092-Web Size050-M&K-Portraits_109_WebSize051-M&A-Portraits_104_Web Size052-L&C-Lyara Getting Ready_175-Web Size053-M&K-Portraits_066_websize054-M&K-Portraits_081_WebSize055-C&K-Portraits_127_Web Size056-G&J-Cocktails & Details_04_Web Size058-G&J-Cocktails & Details_48_Web Size059-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_108_Web Size060-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_111_Web Size061-M&A-Dinner & Speeches_034_Web Size062-M&K-Dinner & Speeches-036_Web Size063-M&A-Dinner & Speeches_105_Web Size064-M&K-Celebrate_04_WebSize065-L&C-Party_024-Web Size066-M&K-Celebrate_83_WebSize067-C&K-Reception_128_Web Size068-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_156_Web Size069-J&R_Portraits-048_Web Size070-Maggie&Cedric_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-04P&I-Wedding Day-Sunset_06_Web Size071-Happy 1st Birthday Brynn Everleigh-44072-Waiting for Baby_08-23-2018_16073-Before & After_4074-G&J-Just Married_14_Web Size075-M&A-Portraits_016_Web Size076-M&A-Portraits_118_Web Size077-M&K-Portraits_013_WebSize078-M&K-Portraits_088_websize079-G&J-Ceremony_094_Web Size080-J&R_Portraits-101_Web Size081-L&C-Portraits_064-Web Size082-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_180_Web Size083-L&C-Portraits_56_Web Size084-L&C-Trash the Dress_043-Web Size085-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_121_Web Size086-M&A-Ceremony_017_Web Size087-M&A-Portraits_009_Web Size088-M&P-Mercedes Getting Ready_158_WebSize089-L&C-Trash the Dress_055-Web Size090-G&J-Portraits & Walkabout_043_Web Size091-M&P-Reception_068_WebSize092-M&P-Reception_076_WebSize093-Mo & Jo_Ceremony & Reception-202_Web Size094-L&C-Reception_107-Web Size095-Mike & Brittany Are Engaged-21096-M&P-Portraits_039_WebSize097-Mike&Mel_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-24098-Mo & Jo_Portraits-20_Web Size099-Mo & Jo_Portraits-52_Web Size100-Mike & Brittany Are Engaged-10101-Nicolas&Natalie_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-21102-Nicolas&Natalie_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-16103-L&C-Trash the Dress_011-Web Size104-M&P-Mermaids_26105-M&A-Portraits_030_Web Size106-Vincent&Kim_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-04107-M&P-Portraits_029_WebSize108-Waiting for Baby-12_websize109-Nara_Waiting for Baby-22_websize110-Waiting for Baby_08-23-2018_53111-M&P-Group Portraits_46_WebSize112-L&C-Trash the Dress_085-Web Size113-M&P-Mermaids_18114-Marc&Amanda_JackLovesMary_Mexico18-23115-L&C-Portraits_090-Web Size116-M&P-Portraits_034_WebSize117-Mike & Brittany Are Engaged-77118-Mike & Brittany Are Engaged-82119-Waiting for Baby_08-23-2018_18120-Welcome Baby Garrett-64

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