You will come to find that I love to share  photos here on my blog. Blogs, to me, allow for an “offline” conversation (oh, the irony). One can undo their top button, take off their shoes, relax, and allow the sometimes-staunch, otherwise-necessary formalities to dissipate. I am a real person.  As unnessesary as that may be to say, I find it useful to remind potential clients that we will enjoy each other’s company and you won’t feel your events are being pried on by a stranger – that’s a promise. I have SO MUCH FUN taking pictures and I’m genuinely giddy at the idea of meeting you. How’s that for informal?

I truly believe professionalism must be matched with approachability. To reiterate one bit from my website:

“My approach is honesty; I believe that my images are unique because my clients are unique. Simple as that.”

So let’s have some fun!

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